I've spent 30+ years unconsciously supressing stims so I'm only just learning how beneficial stimming is to me for various things. I'm starting to understand different stims as valuable in different situations: emotional regulation stimming is very different from focus-aiding stimming.

What stims do folks find useful particularly for helping you focus when you're an otherwise passive observer of e.g. a lecture/presentation? :boost_requested:


@managingautie I don't have names for my different kinds of stimming, and while I use certain stims for specific situations, they are also very dependent on my general mood and condition. And I think I mostly use sitmming for focus-aiding.

+ stim toys like fidget cubes help me while thinking alone or sometimes while being in bars with people (but that may be related to being a mostly ex smoker...), but they can be a bit stressful for more quieter situations

+ less complex (and exciting) stim toys like those marbles in plastic mesh tubes help me with in-person discussion groups and during more chill conversations.

+ doodling or other repetetive stuff (like simple stitching, small crafting) was already mentioned, and it especially helps me focussing during videos or streams, where I don't have any other input but want to really listen

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