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we have a fortunes-off file so you can print offensive quotes at login time. No distro I know of comes with a fortunes-supportive file that lists encouraging, calming quotes.

You can make sudo(8) insult users when they type their passwords wrong ("Defaults insults" in sudoers). There's no option to make sudo be gentle and understanding when you mistype.

I grew up in free software circles and only really learned any emotional skills after growing out of them.

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When my lil dictionary is updating the db, it shows a minimal ascii animation of a steaming coffee mug, and goes like ‘X, done… Y, done… All done! $0 is ready to use, enjoy!’ In modern computers this doesn’t even take time anymore, but this little detail is by far what I got most praise on it (2nd most praised is the fact that it’s ‘pretty’, that I took care with colours and Unicode etc. in a cmdline app).

more cuteness and gentleness in sofware pls

#linux #foss

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@elilla very relatable, i use the fish shell mostly because the default login message says it's friendly (“Welcome to fish, the friendly interactive shell”), i don't use any of its features 😅

makes me thing of this website:

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@flop yass fish good!! the featureset is actually elegant and powerful, it’s refreshing coming from bash/zsh, but the way it makes a deliberate effort to be friendly and welcoming is what sets it apart for me. (also pretty!) things like all features ready out-of-the-box, or readable consistent syntax, seem like obvious nowadays, but cp. to bash; they make a lot of difference to new users, & if nobody new is learning to use shells where will the command-line be?



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@elilla @flop do you think it would be better to introduce people starting to learn linux-stuff to fish instead of bash?

I haven't used fish yet, but after reading these toots I watched some videos and it looks like it takes down a lot of the barriers to learn the command line, especially the autocomplete stuff with the flags or the syntax check while typing.

My hestitation would be "But bash is everywhere, it's much more universal!", but reading your toots, this more and more seems like a bad thing anyways...

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@tobbsn @flop :lazer_Y: :lazer_E: :lazer_S: :blobrainbow:

we unfortunately live in a world where bash is the standard (for now :owobread: ) , so there's no way around that. but if I was going to teach beginners the command-line, I'd start on fish, get them a firm footing, then at some point have a discussion about other shells (good point to talk about diversity in linux, pros & cons) and show how to install fish when u get a system with bash.

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@tobbsn @elilla @flop I too am intrigued about fish after hearing a lot of people talk about it recently. I only switched to zsh from bash recently and have found that a huge improvement, so I'm curious to see how much better things could be! Bash may be the norm now but it doesn't have to be that way forever

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@tobbsn The only shell that is everywhere is POSIX sh, which Bash is a superset of.

I used Bash, Zsh, and fish intensively and switched back to Bash now, which is more than good enough. I am aware of Bash’s flaws and pitfalls and know how to avoid them.

An annoyance about fish is that you need to edit copy-pasted commands, e.g. replace $() with (). (pkg-config) fails in a surprising way:

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