What a busy summer. I'm:

1. Writing an example ActivityPub server with a ton of docs as a toy
2. Continuing to edit and produce @librelounge
3. Writing a white paper on anti-spam on the #Fediverse
4. Writing Data Shards, along with @cwebber
5. Last week I began writing #Freeload.io with @rmw
6. Had shoulder surgery

I feel like I'm missing a few things too...

@emacsen is number one maybe ? I haven't found any mention of that yet, besides the announcement in .

Hope your shoulder heals well!

@tobbsn I provide an update on the project in an upcoming episode of @librelounge

That episode will be out this or next week.

Short answer is that the project is on hold while I work on other projects like this anti-spam paper, the new Data Shards project, and BeeBot, which needs to be released soon.

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