This is ridiculous. She doesn't even fit on this laptop case!

@hj thank you! It's i3+KDE, which I enjoy a lot :) :crt_w_prompt:

@tobbsn woah, plasma panel works with i3 workspaces/virtual desktops? I didn't have such luck with xmonad

@hj I use a mixture of this guide { with these dotfiles { - in essence you just start a plasma session and switch the window manager from kwin to i3 :)

virtual desktops are handled by i3 but sadly I didn't get the plasma 'activities' to work properly. but it looks nice and is quite handy for my needs

@tobbsn oh, it seems plasma's pager just supports i3 workspaces natively but not xmonad's ones, oh well. I'll keep using krohnkite
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