Still unsure if it really is or not. Either way, it's never not a good time to post this pic:

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@tobbsn I think the one I meant was - I am testing the version now

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Does any one of you have recommendations for a good mastodon/fediverse desktop client for linux?

I'm trying right now, but I don't like the slack-like UX and how it handles multiple accounts and keeps loosing my position in the various streams.

I think I recently saw something about another client addressing exactly this, but I can't find it any more and I'm not sure anymore, if I didn't just dream that...

Somehow I immensely enjoy watching this 50 meter super yacht burn and sink.

The fact that I learned about this only yesterday tells me that I still have a lot of work ahead of me in decolonizing my theory.

Most histories of the earliest forms of computing or programming I was told to read at university unsurprisingly centered white European inventors - which of course made me think about the missing parts of this theory. It is nice to finally have some other angles on computing history.

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While there are older descriptions, stories and myths about automata in at least Chinese, Indian and Greek history, the first documented **programmable machine** was this automatic flute created by the Brothers Musa in 9th century Baghdad.

I will never not be irritated when german orthopaedic youtubers tell me to help exterminate and obliterate knee pain from this planet by sharing their video in my whatsapp groups.

This is in potato quality, just as intended it to be.

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This song is exactly 20 years old today and not once have I regretted making an ass of myself by singing it every time I do karaoke.

I wasn't able to leave the city with it's light pollution behind, and my tripod and everything is boxes somewhere. But there was this nice old person watching and they let me use their tripod for some photos of the ☄️

Auf der Demo heute in Wien hat sich die Polizei mal wieder als zynischer Scheißverein präsentiert.

Somebody drew their view of the city onto the gray wall of a boring underpass. There is the ferris wheel, some buses and a subway train :black_sparkles_outline: :blobnomcookie:

Der Zahlungslink führt mich auf das Bestellformular eines Testabos von, das sich automatisch in ein Abo für monatlich fast 70€ verwandelt.

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Ich hab grade aus dem nichts eine -SMS bekommen, laut der mein abzuholen ist.

Der mitgeschickte Link führt auf einen Nachbau der Website der Österreichischen , wo ich nach der angeblichen Sendungsnummer "suchen" kann. Dadurch bekam ich die Info dass das Paket in der Verteilerstation Berlin hänge, und es eine Zahlung 1,98€ benötige um es zuzustellen.

Abgesehen davon, wie zur Hölle die an meine Telefonnummer gekommen sind, frage ich mich, wie man dagegen vorgehen kann? Bei der Post selbst? Mit einer Anzeige? Habt ihr mit sowas Erfahrung?

Shadowrun is a pen&paper set in the near future but with magic and dragons and stuff. It is awesome.

There has been some controversy around the new, sixth version which was just published: A lot of people didn't like it, the american publisher doesn't seem to treat the franchise that well, and the last version wasn't that old yet.

But the german versions were
always quite good, and I'd like to give the new version a shot, since it's free right now...

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