I just noticed that signal implemented unicode13 and now I made myself hungry by looking through the new food emojis.

To no one's surprise I took the partial as a welcome opportunity to avoid doing any other work.

If you have any funds to help the people suffering from the pandemic in , here is a good way to send them:

The "Quarantined Student Youth Network" is one of the organizations in the north organizing direct care action and community solidarity spaces.

If you have the time and energy, read their text, and give if you can. Please boost :boost_ok:


The shutdown of one chinese coal mine stopped around a third of all mining.

Can we now find the other two coal mines, plz?


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There's is probably a lot to unpack in that desire, considering my own profiting from real historical and present colonialism and ecological destruction.

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We are nearing the rocket in our current game, and now I constantly want a way to clean up the mess we made. Instead we are forced by the game to build bigger defenses constantly.

And just removing the bugs from the game wouldn't solve anything either, I'd still destroy local ecologies.

I just want to get into that rocket, and leave a clean place behind.

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I really wish there was some alternative way to play that, it could be it's own challenge to be cool about having to build a giant factory to build a rocket, to leave the planet you are stranded on.

+ Trees alreay help against pollution, but you can't plant them yourself.

+ Implement challenges for killing as little bugs as possible, or better even: none.

+ Research cleaner technologies instead of better weapons. And try to scrub pollution instead of wiping out the creatures suffering from it.

+ Moving bug villages by proving a better habitat nearby. Or be able to build stuff so they won't even be affected.

+ Maybe even cooperate with the bugs, give them stuff they like and they could help you with stuff. Maybe chemicals they spit out, which you can't produce on your own?

+ Or you cooperate with the bugs to grow the forests of the planet, I'd like that.

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I spent a lot of my week off playing Factorio with a good friend of mine. It's a good way to hang out together, low-key dissociate, building a giant factory, wandering around that planet through stoned nights, building complex and cool stuff.

And I love a lot of things about - building these interconnected complexes, solving upcoming problems and optmizing input and output stuff is immensely satisfying to me. Doing that together with one or two friends is even better. And trains! 🤩

But I never got over the "enemy" mechanics. You trigger alien attacks through the pollution you inadvertently create, so you build automated defenses to kill those bugs coming to defend their world. But then you will need to expand or secure remote ressources and at that time you have to go on genocidal sprees to "clear" native villages so they wont destroy your cool and intricate factory and railway system.

I probably not the first person ranting about factorios genocidal colonialism, but damn...

I used the opportunity to make a cake out of Guinness beer and chocolate this week. It was black, moist and delicious.

Ich hab beim sticker exchange mitgemacht und dabei unter anderem diese sticker bekommen. die gefallen mir ziemlich gut, aber ich will nix verkleben, das ich nicht kenne...

Weiß wer von euch, was das für ein Logo ist?

' new video "sorry 1 don't" will premiere here in 20 minute from now - listen to it, I got a sneaky view before it was finished, it's awesome! :crt_w_test_pattern: :ameowbongo: 🔥


Huh, I wasnt even looking for a multi-account fedi-client for the , I just buildt the container for arm64, ran that locally via podman and now use it as a webapp on localhost.

It works surprisingly well!

Arik Brauer ist gestern im verdient hohen Alter gestorben. Neben 'Allaweil die Arbeit' (youtube.com/watch?v=T0ZOmvFf-u) war eines meiner Lieblingslieder von ihm immer 'Hitlerbild' (youtube.com/watch?v=U6w4-t8_3o)

I'm constantly wondering about the mandalorian's skin care regime. After wearing this helmet for some months, my skin would be inflamed, itchy and flaky as fuck.

Als ich heute die Kapitelskizze einer Freundin zu und Nicht-/Staatlicher Wohlfahrtsprouktion gelesen habe, musste ich an und dieses alte Gedicht von Josef Hader denken:

For some reason I woke with an old Nokia ringtone in my head and I was totally vibing.

We haven't had a leap second and probably won't get another one for an unusually long time. There is now even the possibility for a negative leap second :blob_gnikniht:

> There has never been a negative leap second, and if there is one, everyone who deals with NTP or kernel timekeeping code expects that it will be an appalling shitshow.


For I want to share this reprint of an old poster circulating in german autonomous spaces in the 80s - It is definitely not perfect, but I've had it hanging in my old flat and it resonated with a lot of people who were not in the habit of questioning concepts like hegemonial masculinity. It roughly translates to:

"For centuries we had to be strong to fight for our honour in wars, the factory or the office. When we don't give orders, we follow them!
Violence against others is normal for many of us. Every third woman will experience sexualized violence in her lifetime!
But enough is enoug!
An end to strength, honour and all that shit! Let us finally learn to live as humans, self-determined and in solidarity, instead of constantly asserting ourselves as a man.
MEN! Understand the patriarchy as an attack on your humanity (as well)"

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