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> You own the NFT of my heart 🎤
> Too bad it's worth nothing once we're apart 🎶

Shoutout to @chr who hosted an amazing instance in this fediverse! :cybre:

This place was where I learned to really appreciate how cool this network can be :crt_w_prompt:

Thanks for all the work, care and ressources you put into this! :heart_cyber:

We can see the MARIT MERSK again! The three tugboats are turning it around to park!

(And the ARTEMIS is back again)

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Well since they probably wont come into frame any more: This is the MARIT MERSK coming in from Gdansk, Poland, being dragged in by the MED SIRIUS, the MED VEGA and the SVITZER RAN.

Tugboats are the coolest little dudes :ok_hand_b2:

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Oh I really hope we can see the giant container ship being tugged. But it looks like its gonne be out of frame 😥

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Coming up next is the KM SHANGHAI. They spent the last weeks crossing the ocean, coming in from Paranagua in Brazil.

I watched the small but fast motorboat approach it, so the pilot knowing the harbour well could board the bigger vessel to park it safely.

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Well, what the heck are you? Are those two giant bollards on your deck or are you just happy to see the lighthouse?

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With the THEMIS leaving and the MORNING PILOT coming in, there are two huge verhicle carriers on the horizon.

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Damn, we just missed the SULFUR GENESIS passing by.

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If you wanna get in on this action: There is a livestream for watching the lighthouse, which may topple any moment:

Since its a well known landmark in the area and its a sunny day, there may be more interesting ships coming in to say goodbye.

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There she is again! The Artemis is almost a hundred years old.

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They are hoisting some of their sails. At least thats what I think hoisting is, I did not grow up near ships :blobthinking:

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The lighthouse in is still standing. It seems to be a nice day at the north sea, there are some cool ships around.

uh theres one of those cute tugboats driving by rn

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If you need to stare at a screen anyways, why not watch a livestream of a lighthouse about to topple over?

Ich hör 'Distarstar - Rolex für Alle' jetzt einfach schon zum fünften mal.

» Wenn sie sagen, es kann keine bessere Welt geben, lügen sie
Ihre könnte nicht besser sein
Unsere kann nur besser werden «

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