For some reason I woke with an old Nokia ringtone in my head and I was totally vibing.

We haven't had a leap second and probably won't get another one for an unusually long time. There is now even the possibility for a negative leap second :blob_gnikniht:

> There has never been a negative leap second, and if there is one, everyone who deals with NTP or kernel timekeeping code expects that it will be an appalling shitshow.

For I want to share this reprint of an old poster circulating in german autonomous spaces in the 80s - It is definitely not perfect, but I've had it hanging in my old flat and it resonated with a lot of people who were not in the habit of questioning concepts like hegemonial masculinity. It roughly translates to:

"For centuries we had to be strong to fight for our honour in wars, the factory or the office. When we don't give orders, we follow them!
Violence against others is normal for many of us. Every third woman will experience sexualized violence in her lifetime!
But enough is enoug!
An end to strength, honour and all that shit! Let us finally learn to live as humans, self-determined and in solidarity, instead of constantly asserting ourselves as a man.
MEN! Understand the patriarchy as an attack on your humanity (as well)"

But I may have to acknowledge the class relations I am in, and go more for an Arthur Weasley than for an Albus Dumbledore.

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And I haven't even started to think about those hats you have to wear while lounging! LOUNGING HATS!

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I'd love to lounge in this rainbow dressing gown! :blobcataww:

This is a painting from 1830 by Leopold Fertbauer called "Junger Herr im Rauchermantel"/"Young Man in Smokers Gown"

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Uh, this one looks cool too: is open source and builds on top of jitsi.

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Somebody just showed me, which does a lot of those things in a very funny way - I haven't really explored that yet, does anybody have experience with that?

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I buildt somethin along those lines, but far simpler for the 30th birthday of a dear friend of mine during the first wave of the pandemic in april.

It was just a silly little pixel-style map of their flat I made, where you could click an a room on the map to drop into a specific jitsi-session.

We only met in one room in the very beginning to sing once and then spread out and wandered among the different rooms. There were around 25 people at that digital party and I had good conversations with most of them in varying constellations, which was great for an online thingy, because all of those people together in one room would never have been able to have a single conversation.

It's amazing how one map and a few links can create a sense of place at a party, which really helped socially. And somehow even in those online rooms, the weirdest conversations at that party happened in the kitchen...

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"Using Game Design to Make Virtual Events More Social" gives some cool examples how they used text-based MUD-like spaces to create better social interactions at only only conferences.

Alle machen sich über das Video lustig, in dem diese junge Person in einem Interview darüber spricht, dass sie Angst vor einer zweiten Welle hat, und wie sehr ihr das Tanzen- und Feierngehen abgeht. "Definiere first world problems" wird da drüber geschrieben, "Ufffff." drunter kommentiert:

Das erinnert mich wieder an diese elende Sommerdiskussion über die scheinbare Unwichtigkeit von Urlaub: Absurd moralistisches Shaming der Bedürfnisse von Menschen, anstatt sich damit auseinanderzusetzen, woher die Bedürnisse kommen. Damit, dass unsere Leben so dicht an dicht, stressig und mit so viel allgegenwärtigem Druck organisiert sind, dass diese Ausgleichsmomente wie Entspannung beim Wandern in Schottland oder Exzess beim Tanzen im Club für viele einfach notwendig sind, um nicht wahnsinnig zu werden.

Und da haben wir noch nicht mal damit angefangen, dass diese Ausgleichsmethoden so vielen Leuten schon normalerweise gar nicht offen stehen...

"Karl war von 1897 bis 1910 Wiener Bürgermeister. Seinen politischen Erfolg baute er auf rabiatem Antisemitismus auf, den sich Hitler zum Vorbild nahm"

Das Denkmal für diesen Antisemiten wird in endlich wieder problematisiert. Es wurde mehrfach beschmiert ("Schande!") und dann eine zeitlang von den recht Identitären mit "Mahnwachen" geschützt. Die Stadt Wien hat einen Bauzaun um das Denkmal errichtet, so dass die Neubeschriftungen nicht mehr sichtbar waren.

Heute Nacht hat eine Künstler*innengruppe den Bauzaun geöffnet, die Grafitti mit gegossenem und goldlackiertem Beton verewigt und hält nun eine ab:

(Bilder u.a. von

"They have a large barge with a radio antenna tower on it, that they would charge up and discharge."

I read a lot of weird german philosophy lately, but my most profound insight is that Peter Fox (yes, the white dude from Seeed) seems to have sampled a symphony by Shostakovich for one of better known his singles.

Still unsure if it really is or not. Either way, it's never not a good time to post this pic:

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@tobbsn I think the one I meant was - I am testing the version now

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