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emptied my liberapay account

please be sure yall do the same before the 26th!

<< "Tech industry" is basically the finance industry with a little software thrown in. Look at tech industry's HR practices, attitudes toward risk, tendency to bubbles, investors who throw $ at stuff it doesn't understand, the soft white supremacy, etc. It's just finance remixed. >>

must. stop. before I requote her entire Twitter account

Your small tech org, user group, or open source community could, for just USD$200, get a code of conduct evaluation, a report, and a half-hour meeting about next steps. From/with an expert. This is AMAZING value for money, in my opinion.

The fediverse seems to be the space where everyone's "renting" - sharing space on a single instance (similar to how there's one instance of Twitter, FB, etc).

I don't see much flexibility for those to move to their own 'land' - being able to post/submit/push from their own places just _yet_.

internet politics, garbage nerds 

Crypto-fascist nerds know that they can hurl bad takes into social media like a toaster into a jacuzzi. They don't give a shit about She-Ra; the "outrage" is a carrier wave. It's about making everything about them. Some cartoon you'd probably never give a second thought to, because it's for kids? About them, now. Them, them, them. I'm not sure exactly when this was memetically weaponized the way it is.

actually, systemd is the name of the inventor. you‘re thinking of systemd‘s monster.

Meatpunks comes out tomorrow at NOON EST!! woulda been noon pst like usual but i am an impatient fucker

Police violence against striking workers 

fuck jeff bezos 150 billion times:

also, in case anyone has ever wondered what the police is for… this is it.

Sure enough, the one time there *isn't* a giant puddle of water on the Harvard Square Lower Busway is the day when most of the city is under a flash flood watch.

"If there's one thing that the history of online games have taught us, it's that griefers will not be contained. Griefers break free, they expand to new territories and crash through barriers, painfully, maybe even dangerously, but, uh... well, there it is."

"You're implying that a group composed entirely of carebears will... grief?"

"No. I'm, I'm simply saying that griefers, uh... find a way."

you, a skeptic: magic isn’t real. my phone works by circuits
me, a developer: the internet is a massive anarchic divination ritual and someday the titans who permit magic will change their minds

More and more I just don't understand the point of any programming language which has datatypes but doesn't have a canonical persistent (ie not just in-RAM) representation of typed data.

Which is to say, pretty much all of them.

cars are definitely some kind of hoax. explosions that make wheels spin? big auto just doesn’t want you to realize every car is actually two bikes

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*anything that’s
modern animation*

*self styled animation critics*

“Is this CalArts Style?”

Here is some social skill starters:
1. Not everything you see is about you or directed at you, and does not require a response from you. You might not be the intended audience at all and you might not have the context to understand. Don't interrupt conversations or @ people you don't know when this is the case
2. Before you speak, ask yourself "why am I saying this" do you think others will enjoy hearing it? is it useful or productive? is it novel?

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Found: 14,400-Year-Old Flatbread Remains That Predate Agriculture

(submitted by vinayan3)

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