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What front-end build tool are you using now? Webpack? Parcel? Rollup? Snowpack? Something simpler? Something you built?

Does it actually make senses for a README to have images for build status? Isn't the README mostly meant to be read in text form? Or since everyone uses Markdown, AsciiDoc, reStructuredText, etc. they are now meant to read it via HTTP?

I will be moving new projects from GitLab to SourceHut.

`nix --offline build . | cachix push toastal` Awesome... so I need a flag to run offline??

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When we let all this corporate infrastructure run our no-longer-open-web, a CDN service like Fastly goes down and much of the web ends up broken. Apparently I need a CDN running to do a `nix build`? Wtf.

Did you want to use FaceTime on Firefox? Too bad you're not supported... unless you override the user agent, where it works. No technical reason to block Firefox, just more corporations trying to shuffle you into browser monopolies.

Real talk though (npi), in most FaceTime use cases, you should use and suggest Jitsi.

Aral Balkan @aral ne mâche pas ses mots : Big Tech et le capitalisme de surveillance ne peuvent pas être réformés.
Une traduction Framalang
Photo : "fuck twitter" par, licence CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Exclusive: Valve is making a Switch-like portable gaming PC

I hope this is real. I don't know if _I_ would bother buying it, but if it runs Linux, we could expect more AAA support for gaming. Tired is the excuse of keeping Windows just for games; with the exception of these Windows-kernel-level anti-cheat mechanism, basically everything I've ever wanted has run really well on Linux via Proton (Wine, but targeting games).


I called it…. Long, long ago.

What is it with websites and showing my real name in the title bar? You know, I like the privacy of not seeing that when in public. Just use my Libravatar if you really need something there.

I hope Android 12 will allow these theming colors to be accessible from the web because I your app to use my "black" for theming.

I also want it to be opaque and not be fingerprintable.

Good morning Internet, Taiwan is a country. 🇹🇼

PayPal requires you input a phone number now? They've blocked Google Voice as an option. There's no way this isn't to harvest data.

If you need 2FA, they have my email. If they want better 2FA, they can get a U2F or TOTP option from me. It's not about security, 'cause you wouldn't have an 8-20 char password limit or even allow SMS as an option if you cared.

Everyone knows SMS is busted and the only reason big corps want it is to cross-reference all of this with big data because so many services require your phone number. This is why WhatsApp is in controversy right now because Facebook wants access to your contact list to build up its advertising monopoly (and because encrypted message, kinda hard to read).

All of this because I wanted to buy a t-shirt from a Russian emo band I found nostalgic. Shout outs to Bird Bone anyhow

image metadata format techy complaint 

"Oh, I'll just start with PNG support for now. No need to mess around with JPG and TIFF. I just want exif support."

> The EXIF format is either compressed or uncompressed. Its compressed form is essentially a subset of the JPEG format, and its uncompressed form is essentially a subset of the TIFF format.

Oh for fox sake

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