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Thai food, meat, อาหารไทย 

ข้าวแห้ง /kʰâːw hɛ̂ːŋ/ - literally “dried rice” - chopped pork, pork liver, scrambled eggs, crispy garlic, jasmine rice, & lime sauce

Does NPM not list your workspaces? If not you can use `cat ./package.json | jq '.workspaces | map(. + "/package.json") | .[]' | xargs jq '.name' --raw-output`

I was close(?) Netlify wasn't acquired, but they did acquire another company to add more features to their system. I still don't know what their end game is. I'm still very much in favor of the philosophy behind Sourcehut and their Pages that I will still likely migrate.

I've been having to configure more and more things in TOML recently. I'm unhappy about the inflexibility and error output because I've been so Dhall-spoiled.

I get an email about Netlify having a big announcement today. I'm afraid they will have been acquired by the likes of Cloudflare or something. I haven't yet migrated off that platform.

I guess my new favorite thing is using uBlock Origin to hide my real name from banner and other UI elements in a website. I like that some places let you use an alias or hide, but others don't see this as a privacy concern. Use my Libravatar if you want me to know it's me.

Sourcehut Pages limitations:

> The main consequence of [our CSP] is that all resources must be served from your domain — you cannot use a CDN or embed third-party content.

> Connections from CloudFlare’s reverse proxy are dropped. Do not help one private company expand its control over all internet traffic.

I think I may move some things here; this is a policy I can get behind.

When he put on The Eagles, I asked him in Thai if he had "lion eyes". I don't think he got the joke.

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Thai (American) Country music-themed doner kebab restaurant 🤠

Ikbaeb is already very good based on the analysis, but I think I can push it a bit further with Calpalx method

Thai-ish food 


Considering moving from ProtonMail to Posteo just to be able to use 3rd-party email clients without a "bridge". With some more storage, it could likely be worth the €1/mo pricing.

Trying to clean up these messes after the people get sick (2 dead already) is irresponsible of the government. Only the first 1,600 vaccine doses have been administered. It's gonna be bad here for a minute.

(Last I heard foreigners are automatically last in line for the vaccine so I have no idea if I'll get any sort of access)

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In December there were a surge of COVID cases in Thailand from Burmese migrant workers corrupt border officials allowed through. The government didn't institute a lockdown for New Year's Eve. People traveled all around the country for the holiday and then cases soared and many provinces had to quarantine after the forseeable issues of spreading. One could say hindsight is 20/20?

Fast forward a few months and the extra contagious strain of COVID-19 from the UK enters the country and is spread all around the night-life scene. Songkran, Thailand's equivalent to Christmas, is approaching. No word on lockdown, people travel home for the holidays or go on a vacation. Songkran is over, cases are the worst that they've been since last year. Who could have foreseen this being an issue? 🤔 There's already 1600 new cases and Chiang Mai is about to lockdown for 14 days.

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