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This is actually เกาะแรด, but I think about maybe 5 other people on the planet would laugh at this like I did. I've been trying to clean up names all over OpenStreetMap, as the preference is to show the Thai name with a "name:en" tag for the Romanization (which is quite misleading as it's not actually an English translation and "alt_name:en" starts to come into play).

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i probably couldn't tell you the first thing about china collecting or whatever (i just have a very intense aesthetic appreciation for it), but tell me: do these, or do these not, look dope as hell

My Thai skills still aren't amazing, but it's enough to make the immigration officer laugh and joke with me.

I generally pay more for coffee/tea than I do for lunch in Thailand.


After almost two years with the the Bluetooth 84-key NIZ plum keyboard, I can safely say this is definitely the best keyboard I have owned. These non-Topre-but-Topre-quality capacitive keyswitches have felt better than any mechanical board I've owned/built/typed on. I give it my 👍 and would recommend it to anyone that's not a full-time gamer (Cherry black/red are probably still better for that).

Steam Summer Sale. I picked up Outer Wilds, Islanders, Axiom Verge, and Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remastered. How about you?

TIL: Thai music divides the octave into 7 tones, while western music divides it into 12. i.e. the notes are incompatible and will be "out of tune" to each other.

There's probably a harmony theory out there with the 7-tone system. I haven't found one so far, but if anyone wants to help... :blobcatcoffee:

GitLab rolled out a dark mode alpha sometime recently. I think more people should take a cue from Twitter though and offer light/dark/black since there's many OLED devices and situations that can better utilize the full-on black, and other times where a dark theme looks nicer.

Import _did_ give me a choice, but I wasn't paying attention.

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TIL the hard way: Halogen.Aff.Driver.runUI ≠ Halogen.VDOM.Driver.runUI

Relying on the auto-import had me so lost with that error output.

TIL the hard way: Halogen.Aff.Driver.runUI ≠ Halogen.VDOM.Driver.runUI

Relying on the auto-import had me so lost with that error output.

One small decorator thing I'd like to see in (sans the '.') is a way to alias:

color ∷ Int → Int → Int → String
color = …

Seeing the colour, behaviour, canceller, analyser all look jarring in my code base, but leads to unnecessary 'typos'.

Having seen a former coworker get issues in CSS because he used "colour" was funny for me, but ultimately frustrating and dubious. Supporting localized variable names would make the code feel a bit more like home, while remaining compatibly and easy to maintain with a simple @ sigil.

Erlang supports both keywords behavior and behaviour which is nice. Choose your flavor. Heck, localize it to other languages too…

@.colour, kolor, สี …

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