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New version of Firefox Beta rolled out on Android. Biggest feature: more whitelisted add-ons. I'll be getting Privacy Badger even if mostly to strip tracking tokens from URLs (Fx has built-in tracking protection). Redirecting AWAY from AMP is the last important feature I want.

The biggest let-down is Fedora vs Ubuntu. Hopefully the open source patches and what not so other distros can run with it at near maximal support.

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Now will y'all finally agree that Zoom is a privacy nightmare--now that they want to be able to share data with the cops? Keep your digital self protected as much as you can. Suggested alternative: Jitsi.

JSON for config files is a nightmare. YAML sucks for a myriad of reasons, but at least it's readable, doesn't have a comma issue, and supports comment. Shoutouts to Dhall, CSON, simple INI files, and basically anything that isn't JSON.

US politics 

Am I in the wrong circles? I barely see anything about the protests? 😢

@veer66 I have a Thai friend that wants a blogging platform recommendation for traveling and I wouldn't want to recommend a corporate-controlled piece of software.

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A Nice Chat on a Disgusting Night

I edited a photo from a wholesome moment last night to help relax me with all the mayhem. I hope everyone's mental health is good. I hope no one gets COVID from the protests. I hope to see systemic change.

Thai food, meat, อาหารไทย 

`traverse liftEffect do ...` I still don't quite understand, but the adage is: when in doubt, traverse.

Fire Code is bad and hard to read. Everyone wants fancy symbols. Well cool languages like Agda, PureScript, & Haskell let you actually use the unicod symbols. The ambiguity between what you see vs. what's actually there disappears; what you see is what you get.

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