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US taxes, taxes 

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US taxes, taxes 

Signal LINE นี่ดีด้าน privacy แต่ด้านความสะดวกนี้ Telegram ดีกว่าเยอะ

All of my best photos came from when I slowed down. I think this should tell me something about my life.

Wuhan coronavirus 

If Brave used Gecko, I'm pretty sure I'd make it my goto browser.

I want to change my phone number on my Shopee account to TRUE because AIS's plans are shit now. Shopee has to act like phone numbers are top-secret information because they use it for OTP … but as we all (should) know, SMS is NOT secure ( for 2FA.

This has bit me several times in Thailand. There seems to be a prevailing strategy of taking the WRONG security protocols too seriously. If this were FIDO2 or TOPT, I'd be device and carrier independent while also being more secure. 🤦‍

Q: what is the purpose in putting a licence header/banner at the top of every file vs the LICENSE file in the root?

Welcome to our subway platform! We see you're using an ad blocker.

I think I'm finally going to try to upgrade to HavocOS 3.1 on my phone. I'm scared just because I need to upgrade to Android 10.0 and get the latest firmware and then onto that unofficial ROM. Currently backing it all up.

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