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I think I'm just going to leave my browser's user agent to Firefox mobile. Sites send me less crap and some sites, like Instagram 🙄, actually start giving you the actual feature set.

Funny story... It seems one of my Creative Commons photos ended on the Vietnamese football Wikipedia page. And here I was just trying to see Spider-Man and the whole town was quiet before and mental after. I was walking back to my hotel, but there were horns buzzing and fires in the streets so I had to take a shot.

I don't contribute enough to OpenStreetMaps (OSM). It's really specific about routes. It's just a shame more businesses aren't marked. The thing Google Maps does better is uncluttering the amount of POI and having the ability to look at pictures of places (including Street View in some cases).

Mad. I got my Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro in today. Immediately I want to wipe this puppy and flash a custom ROM as who on earth would trust these Chinese OSs to not phone home.

...But, you have to apply to unlock your device and there's a goddamn waiting period of 3 days to 3 months. Why? Do you really 'own' a device if the keys are held by someone else?

So I need a phone to buy a new phone because my K-Bank is locked behind SMS OTP. So after arriving in Ubon, I just went to 7-11, handed my laptop to the cashier, and paid 17,000 THB to get a new phone. She seemed boggled for a moment over why I looked so disheveled, and with a laptop, and a big wad of brown Rama 9s.

Does anyone, and by that I probably mean @veer66, have any experience with alternative Thai keyboards. Pattachote looks better than Kemandee, but like WHY ruin the number row so badly? Are there others?

Chiang Mai to get a lightrail with some parts underground? Neat. ... just in 8 years -- which means probably won't happen in our life times.

Shitpost opinion about music 

I've never been so moved by a protest before.

I made a flag because I was so upset about it but I'm never political in social media so I'm posting it here instead.

"Bloodied Unity"

Thailand has been enforcing this old rule of reporting a foreigner within 24 hours of leaving the country. But now they want to extend that to you spending time in other provinces too--like a weekend vacation.

I'm going to get my 90 days in Thailand, & if this doesn't change, I'm for real 100% out. This is absurd. I put in so much effort to learn the language & understand the people. They've also made it impossible to open a sole-proprietorship so I can pay taxes & be a resident.

MomentUI was designed for flickr and 500px users.

We're updating the ComposeUI and MomentUI to allow users to edit photos, display EXIF data and geotag photos.


I'll pick it up when I get back to Thailand, so for now we'll just be 'roughing' it in Laos without a phone. Who needs a map? We can do border crossings and public transportation without 😅 No need for a translator either!

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My OnePlus 5 bit the dust, I just purchased a replacement, the Xiaomi K20 Pro, that's been getting a lot of buzz from the price/performance crowd. There's already an unofficial LineageOS ROM, so day one I'll be ditching the Chinese iOS-like clone with questionable data collection in MiiUi and probably dropping in MicroG as well to be even less Google'd.

Good lord. I spent 7.5 hours today in line at Savannakhet's consulate trying to get a Thai travel visa for 60 days. That is such an inordinate amount of time to wait in an understaffed line to pay money because I want to spend money in a country. ...Maybe some were right and I _should_ look at Lao visas instead.

Seems like missing out the 'No' button is the hot new UX trend now

Climate change is affecting everyone; now it's the people along the Mekong on the Thai/Lao borders. I suppose it doesn't help with all the damming the Chinese have done upstream too.


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