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If I had a dollar for every time I typed `ls` into DuckDuckGo....

Just added Prebake ( to my uBlock list. Now I can browse with less EU cookie notices.

Research of almost 1m Android apps reveals how data from smartphones are harvested and shared, with nearly 90 per cent of apps set up to transfer information back to Google. Best get all your apps from @fdroidorg - guaranteed no data sharing with Google! 😀

ทุก​อาหาร​ใส่ไข่ดาว​ ไข่แข็งนิอ่าง​

หมี่กรอบกุ้ง​ 120฿ / $3.62

It was really good, but also it was also one of those dishes that taste like Fruity Pebbles 😂

Now WebAssembly interop is quicker than ever. Soon we'll see DOM and AJAX APIs natively callable. After the garbage collector, what FP language will break this space wide open?

The next task is upgrading to Elm v0.19 which includes some more production optimizations.

Latest push to prod moving from Rails Asset Pipeline to Webpack -- including its optimizations and some other smaller refactors

Which is worse: XML configuration or webpack.config.js files?

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