I spoke with some American English teacher in Thailand. They were laughing about marking answers incorrect like "at the weekend". 😂

Thai food, meat, อาหารจันทบุรี​ 

@veer66 @densin @top @SukinoSenze @choe nah, you the poster can edit. It's easy to miss these things on your first go

@veer66 @densin @top @SukinoSenze @choe can it be done via JS alone? I think it could, but I think you need to allow people to edit after you forget.

Tiny Moving Parts, Midwest emo revival band, at De Commune ทองหล่อ​

@veer66 it's mild, but it could be seen as a security vulnerability to have the URL​ ​obscured.

@veer66 Although the spec says otherwise, people/browser prefer it not be that way. stackoverflow.com/questions/27

I often read the URL​ shared to see if I should open or not, and percent-encoded ones aren't readable.

@veer66 seems it's not needed but Firefox's copy-paste from the URL​ bar does it for compatibility. Most unicode chars don't need a conversion. I mean .ไทย​ is a valid TLD.

@veer66 do browsers really require this URL​ encoding in 2020?

@veer66 You gotta use the compact UI on Firefox. Save the pixels.

SMS is not a secure form of OTP. Proprietary in-app QR codes is also a terrible OTP option, not just for people that don't have or want a phone, but since the code isn't open source I can't trust it's not hackable. If you have 2 bad OTP options, why not support one of the 2 good ones like FIDO2 and/or TOTP via something like andOTP where the keys can be independent from a device and are open protocols supported by many other platforms?

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Why does the K Bank Android app send tracking data to Facebook and Google?

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Why is live chat via Facebook when we all know Facebook is morally-bankrupt and also terrible about privacy? This is a bank so the information needs to stay private

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This form and some other forms include Google's reCAPTCHA -- and a) I don't want to solve Google's puzzles and b) I don't want Google having access to anything related to banking. Why are you doing this?

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Why doesn't your sites don't give warnings when JavaScript is disabled?

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Why is there an ATM fee for Kasikorn ATMs in other provinces? Shouldn't ya'll be working together?

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What personal information/data do you collect and what is shared with third-party 'affiliates'? What of that information sharing can I opt out of?

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I just messaged Kasikorn bank with some questions:

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