I'm building Webkit on Linux to test Service Workers since although it's on in Safari, it's a compiler flag for standard Webkit which mean Midori and Epiphany have it off by default. :(

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"Why do I need a 4Ghz quadcore to run facebook?" This is why. A single word split up into 11 HTML DOM elements to avoid adblockers.

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Finally had some free time to check out Steam's Proton on Linux (Arch + closed-source Nvidia DKMS for a 1080) & the compatibility has been super great & smooth on my system. If one thing holding you back from Linux is gaming, them the ProtonDB -- you might be surprised.

Why is it that that when I want to buy something online I have to switch to a less secure browser because sites require sharing cookies or cross-origin stuff to handle payments? This is exactly when I want my security at its highest.

At risk of sounding overly white girl, I *do* think I have a guilty pleasure for cream cheese milk teas now 😅

Today I learned: the British voice their dental fricative (think the 'th' in the word 'the') in the word "with" whereas Americans say in unvoiced (like the 'th' in 'thank').

So there's two things I dislike about Vietnam:

1 (in my control): I can't communicate with locals as English comprehension is generally weak and, unlike Thailand or Laos, I can't small talk in the local language to connect with people.

2 (not in my control): The prevalence of smoking is straight-up not cool. Having lived in countries where smoking in buildings is unacceptable or illegal (US, UK, Thailand), my throat and eyes are dying here.

I no longer use "private" social networks. I use public networks to find people then move private sharing to e2e encrypted chat like Signal. That way there is a clear demarcation between my public and private life. I'm done working for free to enable companies to profit off my private data.

Ramkhamhaeng Inscription - CC BY

A few weeks ago at the Bangkok Museum I got to look at the oldest example of proto-Thai upclose. Needless to say, it's unreadable to me as the letters are different.

I love hearing Thais pronounce 'stomach' as 'stow-match'. My language sucks.

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If your employer allows this level of convoluted code, they will appreciate the first-class bit as well since you can still integrate with existing JS code.

And stop using Lodash with this madness since it's soo lacking in functions compared to the myriad of FP JS libs along with wrong argument order, etc.

Just saw as JS lib `partial.lenses` highly inspired by Haskell in a Stack Overflow question. Cool, I like that you see the benefit of FP, but please DON'T go down this route. That code is SO difficult to read and understand. IF you want optics & guarantees, I implore you to stop trying to make JS like Haskell and either use GHCJS or PureScript (or Elm) and be done with it. It's very hard for people to grok & you bring little safety outside of the lib being pure functions. Get it first-class, not bolted on.

@neilalexander That said, web apps are great, especially for portability -- and after some permissions (which thankfully involve native accept buttons), you can get a good experience everywhere. The web has much more sandboxed permissions too -- native apps can access the filesystem at will, etc. Sometimes I wish I had the same level AdBlock natively (I do use a hosts blocker) knowing how many apps send tracking without the ability to opt out.

@neilalexander As someone who builds web apps, this is often the case. My blog is just static HTML, because like, why do care if I can use the in-browser loading mechanics? Many pages shoe-horn in JS with little value.

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