@ky0ko Hmm.. I see your point. It *does* ruin the accessibility of contributions and usability. I think it might be a bit impractical on the lowest-end hardware in some cases--you can only make things compile so fast. It makes sense to demand *some* higher specs because it's a professional experience, but the bar can certainly be lowered. Expecting everything to run on a RaspPi doesn't work for all workloads. If anything it lowers power consumption to increase battery life even on high-end machines.

@ky0ko Agree and disagree.

Compile times being fast and responsiveness like hot reloading is pretty invaluable when developing. It's more than the environment for running the app or whatever not having processors throttled to mimic users.

On the related note to me is the internet speed/latency/assumption of unlimited data (like preloading pages so it quicker IF I click on them but wasteful).

So Razer is releasing a 'gaming ultrabook'. Spec-wise it looks pretty good as I like a light laptop for code & for a lot of photo editing. Except the fancy 4k display is only 100% sRGB (not Adobe RGB or DCI-P3). Knowing this is probably to cover the 'creative' segment, why sRGB?

How did Apple actually convince people to use their proprietary name 'FaceTime' for a 'video call'?

Retina display.

@bkhl @veer66 @K @veer66 @cwt how do you reckon it exists exactly? I'm not doubting you... 😅

@bkhl @veer66 @K @veer66 @cwt Yeah, I'm thinking on that one. Seems *most* of the time I'm not aspiriting the th, but the idea still stands. Pepsi on the chart gets compiled to เป๊ปซี่​ despite ป​ not existing in English (and it still after a year basically always sounds like b to my ear)

@veer66 @veer66 @bkhl @K @cwt I think it's important for places too. So many foreigners think it's โค​แจง​ instead of เกาะช้าง.​ I'd argue it's more valuable that it's easy for foreigner to parse then anything else because it's about reaching a mutual understanding, without that, what's the purpose? 🤷‍♂️​

@veer66 @bkhl @veer66 @K @cwt it has to...​How else do you borrow loan words? They could have went with สทิเคอรฺ​ to borrow English's aspirated consonants but didn't

@bkhl @veer66 @K @veer66 @cwt it's transcribed backwards poorly. Thank you becomes แทงคิว​ not just because there's no th in Thai, but because that IS ท.​ Sticker as สติ๊กเกอร์​ includes ต​ not present in English and unaspirated ก​ despite English approximating to to g.

@bkhl @veer66 @K @veer66 @cwt เป๊ปซี่​ ไม่ใช่​ เพ็พซี

@bkhl @veer66 @K @veer66 @cwt I believe learning this system is part of the reason Thai people pronounce English so poorly.

@bkhl @veer66 @K @veer66 @cwt but why is the target audience people that can already read Thai if Thai already has a writing system?

@veer66 @K @bkhl @veer66 @cwt Debating whether I should continue my rant in a blog about the many problems with the Thai Romanization systems hahaha

@K @veer66 @bkhl @veer66 @cwt Yeah, Burmese is notoriously difficult to learn. It's used somewhat in the North of Thailand and may share a common Bhramic root, but it's not very similar to Thai. It's closer to Khmer as mentioned, & even closer to Lao. Learning the script is just memorization and will help you pronounce words better as well as encoding is your head the proper way to say a word instead of remembering it wrong.

@veer66 กลัว​ 2 เดือน​ที่แล้วผมอยู่นู่น​

@bkhl @veer66 @cwt @K I've been curious about visiting places like this to see what I could manage to understand... but the 🇨🇳 scares me

@bkhl @veer66 @cwt @K That's just absurd. But at least China's done a good job convincing a lot of people that "Chinese" is a language to get people to conform to the identity.

@bkhl @veer66 @cwt @K Nothing's more fun than typing Isaan though. Since the OG Isaan writing system never had tone markers, and the Thai government abolished it, AND Isaan like Lao has 6 tones and Thai only encodes 5, Isaan doesn't really have a standard way of writing itself. Every girl I've chatted with have a different way of spelling everything and it's more likely to be phonetic with it's use of tone markers. Whereas in Thai, เขา is written with rising tone but spoken as a high tone, เค้า.

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