Food, but language story อาหารไทยแล้วผมเข้าใจผิด 

Food, but language story อาหารไทยแล้วผมเข้าใจผิด 

Food, but language story อาหารไทยแล้วผมเข้าใจผิด 

Food, but language story อาหารไทยแล้วผมเข้าใจผิด 

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There better be harsh penalties for the insider trading among US congressmen/women and the other wealthy individuals. Given they are in cahoots together, I doubt they'd punish themselves.

Food, but language story อาหารไทยแล้วผมเข้าใจผิด 

I've seen so many people recently use apps to *add* grain to photos. I work so hard to remove as many traces of grain as possible!

(Granted, if there's no color noise, this can occasionally add a 'mood' to a photo -- and I still end up with grain when shooting at high ISOs but almost always convert to b&w as color grain is just too nasty)

@veer66 same as it's sometimes more convenient to use a password-less system than a storage in other cases like multiple computers, etc.

@veer66 yeah. It was on Hacker News recently, but it's been around a while. I even did a small PR to the Vue code.

@veer66 I've used this for probably 4 years now. I store my passwords, but generate it with this as I can when needed get my password from other machines.

Did you need a `Task`-like FFI/port for some code? The creator says maybe you should just use ReasonML or PureScript ... Buddy, don't tempt me like that. Alternatives to my issue can't include regular ports because there's no sane way to send `Bytes` or a `File` without conversion to like a string or something inefficient. Other alternatives like the `Porter` lib involve a dictionary and an incrementing counter to handle as a hack to the lack of FFI code that was stripped from us in v0.18. I'm just not sure what to do now. :|

@bkhl @veer66 well my comment was ไอ​ทิงกันอิงกลิช​สแพ็ลลิงเรอะฟร์มวึดบินัยซ ออลโด้วเมบิไทยอิซนะดะกึดโชยซ

@veer66 Nah, not a nationalist at all. He mostly talks about conlangs (with his favorite being Toki Pona). Tangential to people creating languages is trying to fix the mess that is English--though that's likely a pretty bad idea in practice for the many reasons he outlined in the episode.

@veer66 @bkhl Yes. 555 (I left a comment, but I'm not sure if your app/browser will take you to the anchor)

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