I created a new Intl.DateTimeFormat and left it in my FFI code so I can use it as a pure function from JS → String ... and you know I don't feel bad about not having to track and pass around this instantiation.  

Broken phone screen for a week & became locked out of many 2FA logins. Only supporting SMS /software auth due to phone ubiquity is myopic—the frequency means they often break. I own a hardware key I rarely use because businesses support the more common phones as a bottom line.

@veer66 ที่บ้านหรือที่ทำงาน?

@veer66 In the past I really liked Openbox + some bits from XFCE. I've switched to Xmonad on my laptop and I'm still happy with it.

@chr with that last declaration having a background: rgba(...)

@chr I think this is also worth looking it as a style for the small headers images without such a washed-out grey look `@supports (background-blend-mode: soft-light) { .account__header { background-blend-mode: soft-light; } .account__header > div { rgba(34,34,34,0.2); } }`

@chr Keybase opened up support for Mastodon instances. You gonna register cybre.space?

My phone screen broke, so I'll be offline for a while.

Picked up a small project for ฿. Because I don't think I'll be on a tight development schedule, I'll be going the route with Halogen so I can keep up to date in that scene and to keep my chops up outside of the limiting Elm ecosystem.

@veer66 ขอโทษ​ พูดไม่เก่ง​เลย

@veer66 สู้ๆ​ เรียนสิ​ กรุงเทพ​มีmeetup1ครั้ง​เรื่อง​functional programming แต่หมดแล้ว​ 😢

@veer66 แต่​เรียน​ภาษาไทยยากกว่า

@veer66 ผมชอบ​PureScript​และHaskell 😊 ที่ทำงานใช้Elm แต่อยากเรียน​Rustเพราะ​ว่า​WASM​ ไม่ชอบงานเก่า​ใช้​ClojureScript 😜

@veer66 ล้อเล่น​เพราะ​ว่า​Clojure​เป็น​ภาษา​dynamic

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