Food, meat, อาหารแปลกดี 

Special ordered (BYOI, brought my own ingredients) a burger: beef patty, bacon, bell pepper (would have preferred jalapeño, but I suppose it's all they had), cream cheese, and mulberry jam

Did you want to use FaceTime on Firefox? Too bad you're not supported... unless you override the user agent, where it works. No technical reason to block Firefox, just more corporations trying to shuffle you into browser monopolies.

Real talk though (npi), in most FaceTime use cases, you should use and suggest Jitsi.

Thai food, meat, อาหารไทย 

ข้าวแห้ง /kʰâːw hɛ̂ːŋ/ - literally “dried rice” - chopped pork, pork liver, scrambled eggs, crispy garlic, jasmine rice, & lime sauce

Thai (American) Country music-themed doner kebab restaurant 🤠

Thai-ish food 


Thai food, อาหารไทย 

Thai beef + basil stir-fry. Happy Songkran!

Thai food อาหารไทย​ ອາຫານໄທ 

ปอเปี๊ยะ​ (bpaw-bpíia) Thai-style spring rolls

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