Okay. I had to reset my phone, but now I'm back to 100% microG.

Compare to the Purism statement. "We obviously don’t recommend this, but it is your computer to do what you wish with it."

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Why I won't be getting another Razer laptop -- and why yours shouldn't be either. In 2017 Razer spoke of wanting to support Linux[0], but that never panned out and now they'll refuse support from the get-go.

0: phoronix.com/scan.php?page=new

ไม่มีปัญหา เพิ่งกินควยลิง 🥵

One of the rare times I get to use this USB data blocker. There's a reason I keep one in my bag. 😅

Thai seafood อาหารทะเล 

Thai food, meat, อาหารไทย 

`traverse liftEffect do ...` I still don't quite understand, but the adage is: when in doubt, traverse.

Food, but language story อาหารไทยแล้วผมเข้าใจผิด 

Thai food, meat, อาหารจันทบุรี​ 

Tiny Moving Parts, Midwest emo revival band, at De Commune ทองหล่อ​

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