Thai (American) Country music-themed doner kebab restaurant 🤠

Thai-ish food 


Thai food, อาหารไทย 

Thai beef + basil stir-fry. Happy Songkran!

Thai food อาหารไทย​ ອາຫານໄທ 

ปอเปี๊ยะ​ (bpaw-bpíia) Thai-style spring rolls

Thai food, meat, อาหารไทย 

Washing down with an orange coffee

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Thai food, meat, อาหารไทย 

Local specialty, หมูเลียง (mŭu-liiang), a pork/beef soup with pineapple broth

On today’s menu... steamed crap
ในเมนูวันนี้ ขี้นึ่ง

After waiting a month in shipping plus dealing with stupid Thai customs, she’s finally here


Translation 1: broken banana water
Translation 2: cum of the penis

Needless to say, toasted coconut-filled bananas are pretty good

I’ve been playing a lot of Genshin Impact. I’m on the Asian server @ ไข่ตุ้น UID 809416146.

When you want the mascot to respect *your* culture too ใช้ปากกาแมจิก

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