It's been a lotta work regrasping , but hey we have the most basic of basic support for

Finally trying these new honeydew bingsu-flavored potato chips here in Thailand 🇹🇭

Ramkhamhaeng Inscription - CC BY

A few weeks ago at the Bangkok Museum I got to look at the oldest example of proto-Thai upclose. Needless to say, it's unreadable to me as the letters are different.

ทุก​อาหาร​ใส่ไข่ดาว​ ไข่แข็งนิอ่าง​

หมี่กรอบกุ้ง​ 120฿ / $3.62

It was really good, but also it was also one of those dishes that taste like Fruity Pebbles 😂

Latest push to prod moving from Rails Asset Pipeline to Webpack -- including its optimizations and some other smaller refactors

My Pebble 2 screen is starting to get glitchy. I like the aesthetic of the bugs it is creating, but it kinda hurts the usability to be 0G:99 o'clock. 😂

Just pushed some new Elm code into production. The main purpose of this task was to lower the number of requests and decrease the load and interactivity times of the site. The data is now loaded asynchronously. Mission accomplished.

Today's Sunday brunch กะเพรา​เต้าหู้แล่ะไข่เจียวกับพริกน้ำปลา 45฿

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