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I am reading the #Bluesky #ADX architecture outline. First impression is that it seems quite complicated. The topology looks a lot like the fediverse but everything is a Merkle tree and identity is tied to something that looks a lot like a blockchain.

@gargron The fact that it's MIT not (A)GPL, forge on Microsoft-owned GitHub, and not ActivityPub-compatible tells me all I need to know that user freedoms weren't the goal.

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@toastal @Gargron I've used GitHub for years before Microshit bought it, and because I want my work to be seen, I'm keeping it up there. I started trying to use GitLab primarily because it had free private repositories (which tbh I don't need) but it seems somewhat underfunded.
I do have a Codeberg now which if I do anything fedi-related in the future it'll be done there.
Not posting them because my irl name is attached to them 🙃

@fleshroots @toastal @Gargron

#Codeberg is the right place to be, being a #Gitea forge, and with a number of different projects collaborating to federate and democratize Code Forges, like @forgefriends, #ForgeFlux and the @gitea project itself.

If interested, there's a shared matrix room at:

@toastal @fleshroots

Well, federated code forges to be more precise. So all the add-on stuff that #Github, with help of countless vendors having native GH support, tries to lock us into on their own platform.

@toastal @fleshroots

So by extension many other different but related devtools might be federated as well :D

@toastal @fleshroots

Example: You use Github Projects. Another person wants to use Trello.

That means you either choose one or the other, or have an ongoing copy/paste operation going on.

Enter federation.. no longer. Everyone just uses their tool of choice.

@humanetech @toastal @fleshroots I get a real kick out of seeing "Sorry for the downtime guys!" posts federated over to my websites. It's like... "Don't worry about it, I was fine!" haha

@fleshroots @toastal @humanetech interesting, KanBan style board software is one of the possible applications I’ve been thinking would be great to see implemented with ActivityPub, to move beyond the blogging type applications we have so far

@toastal @humanetech @fleshroots @bonfire makes sense! Bonfire is one of the most interesting projects RN, esp with the ValueFlows work!

@fleshroots Yeah, the Codeberg / Gitea situations are really coming around! I've been on another alternative, Sourcehut, the last year and there's features I want on both platforms that it's hard to pick one and be completely satisfied.

While the email-based structure is good, it seems a bridge too far for many committers which hurts Sourcehut, but Sourcehut has CI and an IRC bouncer. I really wish they supported AsciiDoc like Codeberg as well since Markdown is too limiting for 'good enough' documentation.

@toastal @Gargron AGPL would prevent commercial companies from hosting post indexes / aggregators.

ActivityPub can certainly be made to pull data from ADX, but seems incompatible with some of their goals

@xutz @Gargron @toastal AGPL would prevent hosting proprietary post indexes / aggregators that derived from the AGPL code, is the accurate statement.

That's a far narrower statement than yours.
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