Honestly this "finding an instance" thing seems to be a much bigger barrier to entry than it was ~1-2 years ago when I was more active here

To the extent that it's already stopped me from being active here for a month and it's making me consider just checking out of Mastodon for a while til the problem is better solved? lol

But maybe I'm missing something


@emerican I would still support you trying to get more people on board though. It may be worthwhile to start a specialized Mastodon or Pleroma instance just for your own cause because then you could coordinate and curate the audience you want and not be beholden to the moderation of some random instance (even if generally the Fediverse is pretty chill with Leftist thought). You can still embrace the decentralized nature of the Fediverse and accept people on other instances joining the conversation and nothing prevents users from having multiple accounts, but a specialized instance makes sense if your goal is to make the barrier to entering the Fediverse something a tech normie doesn't need to think about. The first impression of "local" timeline experience being filled with Left-leaning content and not the mixed bag of watching the entire federated timeline may also cause new users to feel more at "home" rather than being confused on what to do next after getting an account.

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