Does it actually make senses for a README to have images for build status? Isn't the README mostly meant to be read in text form? Or since everyone uses Markdown, AsciiDoc, reStructuredText, etc. they are now meant to read it via HTTP?

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@toastal I still read it from cat. Maybe I'm too old. I want to retire but I'm poor.

@veer66 given Markdown is so limited, I think it's the wrong tool because people mix in a lot of HTML to deal with its limitations. That said, things like <abbr> tags can help accessibility. With SourceHut you can push a custom README for the website that can contain more than the original document. I have some ideas now about how to progressively enhance a README.

@veer66 I've been doing more in AsciiDoc since Markdown is far too limiting.... but then AsciiDoctor does too much. I like automatic table of contents, but why on Earth is there a config option for your icon font? People still use those?

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