People ask why I don't want to DM on Faceebook, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, or anything owned by Google (and my Android phone is de-Googled):

My prefered option is Signal. I'd use Wire if there were more people. Keybase was nice til the Zoom aquistion. And while I don't trust LINE Corp. much, at least it *is* end-to-end encrypted and it is *not* Facebook, Google, or Apple.

@toastal How did you go about de-Googling your phone? Did you go with a completely different OS? I've been working on de-Googling for a while, but I haven't figured out the best way to tackle the phone issue.

@rhitakorrr I went Havoc OS since it offered signature spoofing out of the box unlike Lineage which made getting microG setup easier. Aurora Store + F-Droid covers the app distribution. Once I got used to using and uploading to OpenStreetMap, that was solved too. I think the biggest missing thing is any mobile games that do in-app payments through the Play Store.

@toastal I don't really care about mobile games, so that's a non-issue for me at least.

I don't know much about OpenStreetMap. What do you have to upload to it?

How do you feel Havoc OS compares privacy-wise with other alternatives like Lineage and /e/?

@rhitakorrr I'd say they're all about the same as far as privacy. microG is still microG regardless.

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