Aaaand I closed my Kasikorn account because their app was sniffing my OS and was saying a Lineage-derivative was not allowed. When I buy a device it's mine; don't you dare tell me what I can do with it. I installed a privacy-oriented system and apps precisely because I'm worried about my security. Business don't do this with your laptops telling you you can't run Firefox on Linux or have an Administrator account on Windows so why do you think you can do this on phones? Because they're walled gardens for Apple and Google? F*ck that. Then they have the nerves to bundles Facebook and Google tracking in the app. And Kasikorn specifically uses (and mostly REQUIRES) more permissions than any other bank. Why do you need access to my phone and contacts, my location, my storage? Sure some of it is to help users, but given a lot of banks are subsidiaries of other countries, it's to sell that user data. I have every right to deny these permissions if I don't need 'help' finding an ATM, etc.


So long Kasikorn.

I switched to Bangkok Bank which isn't a saint, but people say their app sucks, which sounds like a good thing to me.

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