@toastal haha - i've done that with `killall node` - but where the editor wasn't in node, just most of the plugins were 🤦‍♂️​

@toastal I've been using VSCode for work because I don't really know the environment all that well and it's this huge complicated monorepo with a bunch of pre-installed plugins for VSCode - usually I'm on vanilla vim with a few plugins but for now that's only after dark.... I still have plugins on there that depend on node though...

> shitposting group you mean the internet?

@toastal In 2030 this meme will be:

eletron app I’m writing freezes
run "killall electron”
OS crashes
[concerned] OS crashes

@changbai @toastal It's here already and it's called ChromeOS. The future is now.

@toastal @c0debabe tbh this is a not-insignificant reason I've been reluctant to jump on the VScode bandwagon

@calcifer @c0debabe Electron is definitely never my first choice. The only Electron apps I run are Signal and a config tool for my USB token key.

@toastal @c0debabe I have to use a few things for work, and I have been less than impressed. Though I do hear good things about VScode, so perhaps it's an exception…

@toastal It's funny because I still haven't found a native editor that I like, so I'm using an electron one. 😂

@eviloatmeal TUIs are legit. I've never found a native editor I quite like, so I've stayed with Neovim.

@toastal I like vi, and I use it a lot, but mostly for small, concrete tasks, or when I'm logged into a remote box and writing stuff directly on it. When I need to open a large project and spread multiple files out across my monitors and think about the big picture, I prefer a GUI. These days I'm using Atom, which is fine, but is electron.

@eviloatmeal I mean splits and buffers for viewing many files exist in Vim and Neovim already. I keep failing to see what I'd really get for the wasted resources on Electron with just editing text haha.

@toastal Of course, if you're used to vim for that, then that's great. I don't have the chops. You don't get anything for the wasted resources of electron, that's why I want to do the same thing (GUI) without electron. :)

@toastal Yeah granted, Electron is not very good.

BUT: killall? Srsly? Do people also run "killall java" or "killall python" or "killall perl" or whatever interpreter/framework they currently use and _hope_ that it'll magically find the processes they are thinking about? Do people also use "locate core | xargs rm -f" to delete their core files?
#dangerSeeker #killallIsForGrownUps #noWaitJustDontUseKillallAtAll

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