@veer66 @bkhl Yes. 555 (I left a comment, but I'm not sure if your app/browser will take you to the anchor)

@toastal Chinese Nationalist (a big political party in Taiwan)


@veer66 Nah, not a nationalist at all. He mostly talks about conlangs (with his favorite being Toki Pona). Tangential to people creating languages is trying to fix the mess that is English--though that's likely a pretty bad idea in practice for the many reasons he outlined in the episode.

@toastal The thing is that in traditional Chinese characters are still used in Taiwan.

@veer66 @toastal didn't watch the video, but in any case the Chinese has a lot to clean up themselves before telling anyone else what to do with their spelling system.

That said, this system seems pretty good: languagelog.ldc.upenn.edu/nll/

@bkhl @veer66 well my comment was ไอ​ทิงกันอิงกลิช​สแพ็ลลิงเรอะฟร์มวึดบินัยซ ออลโด้วเมบิไทยอิซนะดะกึดโชยซ

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