Why doesn't Android allow you to use color management software for color accuracy via ICC profiles? Many phones are so overly-saturated and there's no real recourse of action I'd trust more than using a color calibration device.

@toastal the only solution I found is to use that webserver thingie that displaycal has and adjust the color settings (if your device has such) like you would the knobs on a monitor.

@qwazix I've seen DisplayCAL can do that, and I know the knobs you speak of, but I'm not entirely sure how you put these two together 😢. Care to explain how you did?

@toastal I don't remember how I did it 😬

I think it spits out some numbers in the end how much % to turn each knob. I'll dig up my colorhug and check it out, but I think it was kinda self explanatory, give it a try.

@qwazix Right on. So I was able to use that get an accurate white point 👍 but I still need something to help me with the oversaturation. 😢

@toastal mmh yeah I don't remember seeing anything about that...

@qwazix with the ColorTRUE app and some time, I can manually fix the rest of those number to a 'good enough' state.

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