Well, I just got the best phone plan deal to supplement my using up all my other plan with TRUE.
AIS plan: AIS 6mbps for 25 GB @ 300 THB/month ($9.82)
TRUE plan: TRUE 4mbps for 100 GB @ 200 THB/month ($6.54)
Put the two together, and I think we'll be okay.

@veer66 I did not. I just went to IconSiam and asked at dTac and TRUE. This TRUE plan is the cheapest. So long as you have the 200THB for auto-pay, it's good for 360 days. I'd say on a chunk month I usually use about 100 GB of data. On a light month I'm using about 30 GB.

@veer66 I wouldn't have gotten the AIS plan -- last year it was 6mbps unlimited (no 25GB cap), but it was added as fineprint that I didn't see til I bought it because the carriers are swindlers. However, getting 25GB is still useful.

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