Using the modern web doesn't feel empowering. It feels immensely frustrating.

The web is barely usable without ad-blocking. Pages take an age to load and the content jumps around as more ads download and display. Also the ads are spying on you.

The entire JS ecosystem is dependency hell and sometimes you have to download massive JS files just to view a web page. The JS is probably also spying on you.

Worse still, JS is also probably why the Back button doesn't work properly on so many sites.


@neilalexander That said, web apps are great, especially for portability -- and after some permissions (which thankfully involve native accept buttons), you can get a good experience everywhere. The web has much more sandboxed permissions too -- native apps can access the filesystem at will, etc. Sometimes I wish I had the same level AdBlock natively (I do use a hosts blocker) knowing how many apps send tracking without the ability to opt out.

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