Now WebAssembly interop is quicker than ever. Soon we'll see DOM and AJAX APIs natively callable. After the garbage collector, what FP language will break this space wide open?

The next task is upgrading to Elm v0.19 which includes some more production optimizations.

Latest push to prod moving from Rails Asset Pipeline to Webpack -- including its optimizations and some other smaller refactors

Which is worse: XML configuration or webpack.config.js files?

Java is so terrible and ugly -- and we add to it that all configuration is XML and I really want to quit contributing to project before I even start.

Finally added system-level ad blocking via but also with the Fake News blocking extension. I can't even access InfoWars, TheBlaze, or anti-vaccine content. Good riddance.

“Based on our survey data, consumers are more likely to opt out of lawful markets for copyrighted works and download illegally if there is no lawful way to obtain the rights to lend, resell, and use those copies on their device of choice.”

Ya think?

My Pebble 2 screen is starting to get glitchy. I like the aesthetic of the bugs it is creating, but it kinda hurts the usability to be 0G:99 o'clock. 😂

Just pushed some new Elm code into production. The main purpose of this task was to lower the number of requests and decrease the load and interactivity times of the site. The data is now loaded asynchronously. Mission accomplished.

It really blows fighting IE11 browser bugs in 2018. TIL: you can't use `calc()` inside a CSS transform in IE.

🔮 Google will soon release a matching feature that 'conveniently' blocks everything *but* Google Analytics

The downside is that I know some of these Thai and Chinese sites I occasionally use will break because they don't code around tracking being blocked. The worst part about uMatrix though is dealing with Recaptcha.

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