Yesterday I got flagged for using a VPN to switch my location. Cry me a river sites.

I had been uploading to Instagram via the laptop browser spoofing a mobile UA to actually be able to upload (hiding behind a UA to push to mobile is disgusting btw). But now everything I upload is an all-white image. I wanted to move away from IG, so I guess this is a good time? It's trash; why is it so popular?

There's whole level of bilingual Thai humor that requires me to pronounce English wrong for the joke to work

Northern Thai food, shrimp อาหาร​เหนือ​ 

Northern Thai food, shrimp อาหาร​เหนือ​ 

Northern Thai food, shrimp อาหาร​เหนือ​ 

Northern Thai food, shrimp อาหาร​เหนือ​ 


Federal Court Rules Suspicionless Searches of Travelers’ Phones and Laptops Unconstitutional | American Civil Liberties Union

Apparently Mickey and Minnie Mouse came too....​ ไม่ใช่ชิปกับเดว

People doing ลอยกระทง​ things at Icon​Siam. I just came to pay my TRUE bill.

In 2019 I've had to stop using a number of sites to make purchases because they didn't play with Firefox's built-in tracking protection. Seems odd that this is the case with e-commerce where sites already have a product to sell (not reliant on advertising).

Looks like that's the case. We'll be shifting to a monorepo architecture for our front-ends rather than trying to make them all *work* together. The lerna+yarn workspaces seems to be the correct approach.

Are we going to be moving back to yarn over npm to use the workspaces? I'm having so many issues in a current project because it's not divvied up in a way that isolates some bits from others. Unfortunately, like 6 months ago I moved back to npm because it seemed like an unnecessary dependency since we weren't using anything exciting from yarn.

It's possible that I could be whipping up a talk about row polymorphism and it's applications in PureScript for the Bangkok FP meet

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