Never was I a Thai expert, but I opened a merge request to get the Hunspell th-TH in Nixpkgs.

Slowly off-boarding two gigs. One of the most exciting parts is getting to remove the Slack app. The downside is occasionally new gig uses Discord (though mostly uses Mattermost).

Who do I talk to to pass a law making it illegal to do earth-rattling audio advertisements from pick-ups? Election info I can understand may want an exceptions, but corporations do not need to shake and disturb me over pizza or cars.

Doing some off-boarding documentation, and I'm reminded about limitations of . Clearing and mounting the `application` to `<body>` ruins user add-ons and doesn't allow you to add other elements to be controlled outside Elm like a modal for example. Also without `Intl` support, any app that needs internationalization should completely avoid Elm entirely.

Less TOML. More Dhall. Nix helps via` tomlFormat.generate` but I wouldn't need to leverage Nix if the configuration language was better. IMAGINE: your configuration gave me types, especially ADTs, so I couldn't mess it up.

The best part about Thanksgiving is some semblance of a buffer between it and commercial Christmas. Spending time abroad, Christmas decorations start trickling just before Halloween. Vietnam probably had the most Christmas tracks on repeat everywhere out of the places I've been.

I am constantly thinking of when @ehashman said off-hand: "In this house, 'crypto' means 'cryptography'"

No More Microsoft! This German State Plans to Switch 25,000 Windows PCs to Linux and LibreOffice - It's FOSS News

Reading headphone reviews... why would Amazon Alexa support be a "pro" and not a "con"? Do people actually use and trust these Big Data voice assistants?

First impression of Mattermost: This is definitely a Slack clone, and good lord do I hate Apple emoji on my non-Apple devices.

Old millenial technology rant 

This Windows 11 SE thing is so sad. The biggest selling point is the worst part: bundled-in Microsoft Office. They want kids still training on Microsoft's closed-source shit (like I did as a kid) so they accustomed to it. They obviously want back marketshare from Google and their Chromebooks, but realistically they both suck and they try to take the 'computer' part out of these devices and make them blackboxes so kids grow up understanding how to use specific software, not the hardware or how any software is made. We laughed at the news that some Zoomers didn't know what a filesystem and folders were because of how these applications work and since it's all "in the cloud" (on someone else's computer) people often don't understand what they build doesn't need to be tied to a specific app.

I mostly would like a future where technology is better understood, not less. And that freedom still exists and lock-in isn't necessary.

Are you looking for a #FreeSoftware job? II

Sharing is very appreciated.

System76, the company behind Ubuntu and Pop_Os! computers from Denver, Colorado, U.S. established 2005, now opens several #jobs and IT #vacancies including full-stack web developer and #Rust software engineer.

🇺🇸 :system76: :popos: :gnu: :linux: :ubuntu: :opensource:

#system76 #computer #laptop #gnu #linux #opensource #career

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SVG optimization: why choose scour over svgo? By default scour does not remove metadata and by proxy license information and it is a separate flag. svgo considers license information noise from your vector editor and both removed by default and inseparable from editor data.

when you think about it, the idea that software should scale is actually really weird. "sure this garden is nice, but how nice can it be if it doesn't grow to cover the entire surface of the earth?"

naïve SEA political hot take, China, Laos 

Laos and Cambodia both voted in favor of Hong Kong's loss of independence. You can almost certainly guess that this is out of obligations for "gifts" and "investments" China has made. Much in the same way that most countries no longer recognize Taiwan unlike 50 year ago because China will not have good foreign relations with any country that does. Hell, China donated vaccines to all South American countries but Paraguay -- and take a wild guess at what is the only South American country recognizing Taiwan as a country.

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