Broken phone screen for a week & became locked out of many 2FA logins. Only supporting SMS /software auth due to phone ubiquity is myopic—the frequency means they often break. I own a hardware key I rarely use because businesses support the more common phones as a bottom line.

@chr with that last declaration having a background: rgba(...)

@chr I think this is also worth looking it as a style for the small headers images without such a washed-out grey look `@supports (background-blend-mode: soft-light) { .account__header { background-blend-mode: soft-light; } .account__header > div { rgba(34,34,34,0.2); } }`

@chr Keybase opened up support for Mastodon instances. You gonna register

My phone screen broke, so I'll be offline for a while.

Picked up a small project for ฿. Because I don't think I'll be on a tight development schedule, I'll be going the route with Halogen so I can keep up to date in that scene and to keep my chops up outside of the limiting Elm ecosystem.

It's been a lotta work regrasping , but hey we have the most basic of basic support for

In Bangkok, the two biggest complaints are air pollution and noise pollution. One of the biggest offenders in my neighborhood is old motorcycles and tuktuks. With the Thai elections this week, support a (not-proposed) ban on motorcycles and tuktuks over 20 years old.

Finally trying these new honeydew bingsu-flavored potato chips here in Thailand 🇹🇭

And setters on a record take the form of `setX : a -> Endo { r | x : a }`

What I learned is that setter-like maps are often of the form `mapSet : Endo a -> Endo b`

Firefox 67 (about to be beta) will have easy-access, built-in blockers for fingerprinting and cryptominers. Mozilla's out here looking out for your privacy and you're still using Chrome... smh lol.

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