I don’t think GitHub Action’s marketplace would need to exist if more CIs adopted Dhall. There’s less magic in importing a function for configuration whose output I can transform. Sure you can output YAML from Dhall, but I want to see more first-class CI support.

I wish fonts were magically smaller. I'm (slowly) reworking my entire blog, dropping Hakyll, but also rethinking the design (no Google Fonts = privacy++). A beautiful design can leverage just typography. But sending down all those weights are expensive, slowing the experience.

Recently, I have been crusading (by which I mean emailing & opening issues on trackers) about removing flags from language pickers for being a colonial, Euro-centric reminder, and how using implies minority languages do not exist. If you use lang+region code, though it's a lot less problematic; that is an ISO standard that doesn't try to say one country represents a language as a whole, but rather, what the dominant dialect of a language is for a particular region.

Heh. Moving to Firefox ESR for now because there's a regression in Wayland to where I can't right-click or see pop-ups from extensions. I moved from beta to stable in 91, but 92 is stable now and it's broken.

Disappointingly, a court found that Apple is not a monopolist in mobile gaming or in-app transactions, so its App Store commissions don't violate antitrust law. One bright spot: the court found Apple's gag rules on app developers violate California law. eff.org/document/epic-games-v-

สาวฝรั่งมาจากเมืองไหน 👧🏼 

เมืองหลอย 🙃

Who blocks Google Analytics most frequently?

88% of Firefox users
50% of Chrome users
41% of Safari users

👉 plausible.io/blog/google-analy

What is with Japanese services and limiting passwords to 8-20 characters and no special characters?

Trying something new for a CONTRIBUTORS file: CONTRIBUTORS.dhall. It is readable, typed, and easy to consume (for what? dunno yet ha) git.sr.ht/~toastal/purescript-

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