Finally after ages, I have Nix set up for both my laptop and my dev environment.

I think one of my biggest pet peeves is applications bundling and using Apple's emojis as default. Not only are they hideous and too lifelike, but they don't match any other OS at all.

On today’s menu... steamed crap
ในเมนูวันนี้ ขี้นึ่ง

Happy New Year from Thailand. I hope you accomplish your new goals, get in touch with this you miss, and live a healthy, hopefully-COVID-19-free 2021.

I still don't have a way to work with the policies.json file. Seems a lot of people want this ability because duh. There's no beta-unwrapped to use with the Wayland example on the Wiki, you can't use it with -bin or -bin-unwrapped, and it wouldn't build regardless. Cryptic error.

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It was neat that it 'simple' to nix-build a custom iso, but missing firmware + really old '5.4' kernel that didn't support my hardware. Not a great experience.

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Initial NixOS impression: honestly sucks. Installer was missing firmwares. Do you want to install the latest Firefox channel with custom prefs/policies? Too bad. Home-manager unwrapped example failed to compile. Moz overlays don't allow settings. /etc/../policies.json isn’t read.

After waiting a month in shipping plus dealing with stupid Thai customs, she’s finally here

"How was this historic World Record achieved? The Legend of Zelda Speedrun Explained" (NES Any% No Up+A) - Bismuth

People ask why I don't want to DM on Faceebook, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, or anything owned by Google (and my Android phone is de-Googled):

My prefered option is Signal. I'd use Wire if there were more people. Keybase was nice til the Zoom aquistion. And while I don't trust LINE Corp. much, at least it *is* end-to-end encrypted and it is *not* Facebook, Google, or Apple.

I'm a little scared of that ending bit where they wanted to cross-reference based on GitHub IDs. I dislike this sort of vendor lock-in.

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The 2020 State of JS survey is now up for devs to take

ตอนนี้แบบสำรวจ State of JS ปี 2563 พร้อมให้ devs ทำแบบสอบถามแล้ว

It seems at least for web browsing--which is def job-related, choosing Tiger Lake over Renoir was a good choice. The new laptop should come in this week.

Another Linux app I find useful is Flatseal.

Allows you to manage permissions for individual apps including network access, geolocation, microphone/camera, and system files and directories. Easy and simple to use. Like on mobile devices.

This is one of the wildest collectors stories, for the lost Japanese McDonald's 3DS training game:

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