There is a little unlabeled icon in the artist view to have display by Album Artist. I don't know that I would have ever found it without emailing support.


They did put in at least a report for wanting some sort of Linux filesystem support. Initially the service rep said almost know one uses Linux until I pointed out that Android is like 50% of the phone market and all have easy access to mkfs.{f2fs,ext2,ext3,ext4}. I doubt it'll go anywhere, but whatever, was heard.

They also pointed towards the RockBox support if I wanted to hack on anything, but as stated, many of the compelling reasons for picking up the device are straight up not supported. I swear, even busybox + cURL and a "hooks" directory that could run on like "post-track-play", "post-device-connected" could cover soooo much stuff like scrobbling.

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Why are fonts always the slowest thing to compile on Nix?

On the note of GMail being trash: blocking archive files. I for the first time in ages needed to send a directory to someone. Archiving them with XZ to be compatible with 7zip if the poor soul on the other end of the line has to use Window did not work... neither did bz2. Zstd apparently works which is really just a kicking of the can. I don't need a nanny to scan the content. Heck, I don't even want to use Google but because the person on the other end did not send PGP keys there's no way to securely send attachments so Google can't go scanning and telling me what I can and can't put in a message.

I've had Blink-182 - Feeling This stuck in my head for like 5 days straight. With my new headphones and DAP/DAC gives me a new appreciation for the album's comfort tracks.

@acousticmirror @hugoestr @IngaLovinde Lisp machines existed, were sold commercially. They had built-in hardware garbage collectors and tagged pointers, so what is normally associated with "dynamic languages being slow" was in fact plenty fast because the hardware itself handled it. Were even the world leader in 3d graphics for a while.

Watch this glorious mulleted dude (enby?) drinking wine and demonstrating the software for the future we didn't get (and once had)

Bualuang Securites (from Bangkok Bank, the biggest bank in Thailand) sends its users their passwords and reset information over unencrypted email. This means hackers, spies, and men-in-the-middle can get access to account passwords with little skill.

According to Posteo's reaserch, only 5% of mail servers are still sending unencrypted emails. The fact that these emails are coming from a financial institution is frankly embarrassing and unacceptable.

Gripes with Shanling Q1:
* no Linux filesystem support—only FAT32, NTFS, exFAT; I'm pretty sure it runs on Linux so this is a massive performance hit not supporting ext4, xfs, or f2fs as the Windows-compatible options are not optimized. This also brings with the normal Windows-compatible filename caveats like no ":" or "?" allowed so I had to rename my entire library.
* artist, but no album artist view; 97% of the time I'm looking to listen to a band, I'm not too concerned with who is "feat.". This makes folder view the most useful.
* UI is a bit sluggish to touch which makes scrolling imprecise and causes me to jump back to other screens
* no way to get logs or sync listens with ListenBrainz which is unfortunate
* not open source so you can't fix some of these issues; the RockBox support seems half-baked at this time where you can play music, but the USB DAC, Bluetooth, and these other high-level features are missing

So it seems you also like #IFS #fractals. Here is another one generated with #Ocaml.

I've updated the instructions on GitHub in case you want to play around:

#art #programming

I got my DAC/DAP in, a SHANLING Q1, with USB-C support. Just plugged it it and it worked with PulseAudio on Linux without any special config. I wish I had better words to explain it, but the sound is more round and a bit warmer. I'm excited to play with this little guy and free my music up from my devices as well.

I just noticed "foreach" on npm is controlled by a single maintainer.

I also noticed they let their personal email domain expire, so I bought it before someone else did.

I now control "foreach" on NPM, and the 36826 projects that depend on it.

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I wish more Thai people to considering fediverse as their 2nd home to Twitter.

Fediverse features cannot compare with Twitter, but occasionally, I feel like home here. :ablobgoodnight:

What do I think the core of this issue is? GitHub-style Git forges and building atop it's unthreaded, proprietary/closed model. These bots are optimized to work within the constraints of GitHub. The example of an email ping “Is Bug#1234 on ~mcuser/that-project still relevant to you?”, a user can reach out and take action. If they don't respond, so what; then the bug remains open til someone addresses it.

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#2 is generally just bad. Malice means you're trying to game the ‘SEO’ of a bug-free project, and careless is not having solid docs or shutting down things you don't wish to do.

#1 would make more sense if I bot pinged a user to take action in a reminder sense. Isn't this what the bot is doing? No. This reminder does not need to be a public think or require a *bump* in comments. This also shouldn't automatically close issues. Tagging it as 'stale' is useless considering there is already a time stamp.


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Stalebots, as the currently exist, are bad. Your project might need better communication about the scope or less bugs to get less reports. This said, the mere passage of time does not make a a bug irrelevant. It is okay to deny a request or address it later, but it is NOT okay to close it without merit.

I can only think of two good reasons to implement a stalebot:
1. Your users my have fixed the issue and forgot to report back ..or they moved to a different tech and now their requests are no longer necessary
2. You want your project to look like there are less ‘problems’ than their really are or are bad at triaging/don't have time/energy to address reports.


Watching S05, I want the Great British Bake-off but without show-stoppers. I'm not a fan that people lose because they didn't make a house out of dough .. "but the flavor is alright" should be good enough. I'm here to learn about new foods and flavor conversations, not the arts+crafts.

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