@veer66 You have a write-up on your thoughts about Mastodon vs Pleroma?

I love watching the way written English evolves. Relevant to my work, is the “front-end” and “back-end” words. They _should_ be hyphenated adjectives, but as time goes on and the words are used more frequent, words in English tend to lose their hyphens. I see “frontend” & 'backend” pretty commonly now.

A common example of this is “email” and how it’s weird to see “e-mail” now.

I love seeing websites move to CSS variables. It makes them much easier to retheme. While I wish there were color transformation functions in the spec, knowing that Less and Sass mix wrong, I hope if/when these sorts of functions _are_added, they square the RGB values first.

ไม่มีปัญหา เพิ่งกินควยลิง 🥵

Is there really a reason to i18n with just a language code and not the accompanying region code? Seeing Rails make an assumption that `en` is `en-US` and `en-GB` is separate seems like a flame war that doesn't need to happen. I would venture to say it's impossible to *not* choose a dialect when writing. Why not *always* include the region when writing and just provide a fallback to a specific region when you just get the language code? I think of some other languages where this is obviously an issue is Portuguese and Norwegian and Spanish. In the Rails case though, I'm losing it over how Lao must include the Lao region compared to all these other cases. Even in countries with standards bodies, like Thailand. There's noting difficult about using `th-TH` over `th`, but now you can automatically extend to say Isaan without needing to say "yeah, but that's not the correct/default Thai".

Lol @ Tim Cook pretending Apple actually supports Web Apps under oath. Safari's PWAs lack many features on iOS (push notification, time limits on storage, etc.) & your app'll get banned from the App Store try to circumvent this crippled experience by just wrapping a WebView.

One of the rare times I get to use this USB data blocker. There's a reason I keep one in my bag. 😅

I got my first Thai massage in like 8 months now that the lock-down has mostly subsided. Damn, that felt good. 🙂


RPT-City in China's Inner Mongolia warns after suspected bubonic plague case - Reuters 

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