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Well, a spate of new followers today, so another #introduction is probably in order.

Hi! I'm Pat David.

I'm a member of the @GIMP team, digital artist and photographer.

With some fellow #photography nerds we founded the comunity as a home for high quality Free Software Photography. This includes many projects and awesome community members.

Glad to know you!

#FOSS #FreeSoftware #artwithopensource #hello #welcome

I passed my level 1 conversational ภาษาไทย​ test. I'm now at level 2 in reading and speaking, but I'm probably gonna take that level 2 reading test soon.

The nearest 24-hour coffee shop shut down today 😥

Unfortunately X-Rite's ColorTRUE app hangs on my device.

Got my ColorMunki Display in. I have my TV and laptop calibrated, but I wish Android supported ICC profiles.

Feature phones and tech Show more

Feature phones and tech Show more

I recently started to use HTTPS Everywhere in "enforced" mode, means blocking all HTTP sites and on my smartphone simply blocked access to port 80 for browsers (with reasonable exceptions for things like CRLs).

There are quite a lot sites out there linking to HTTP sites or still don't run HTTPS.

Please check that your site doesn't do such a nonsense. It's dangerous for everyone:

Why did I wait til just now to delete LinkedIn? What value was it for me anyways?

One of the most intense Zelda Link to the Past Randomizer (ALttP) races between zer0rush and ALG Andy

Eating mangoes and replacing my battery

I want to see some traction and hear some of your war stories about localization (l10n) and Elm. Hopefully it will lead to some decisions about how to solve a non-starter for many looking to switch to

> Girl in coffee shop is lining up her cup for a photo
> Run up and bunny-ears the cup