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Going back to Xmonad from sway has been an experience, but slowly we are getting somewhere. I wanted to stick with Wayland, but no color management and broken screenshare are enough to ruin it.

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New laptop in: Lenovo Z13 running NixOS

So far everything has acceptable. The display is not quite as good as my last (Asus Flip OLED + Tiger Lake), but OLED with 100% DCI-P3 coverage (97% AdobeRGB) as measured by my colorimeter. Trackpad feels slower, but clicks better. The Ryzen 6860Z runs about twice as fast and the devices gets about 70% more battery purely due to efficiency.

The hitches: BIOS menu is slow and was a little confusing what all needed to be disabled to get a good boot due to all the stupid Microsoft-imposed lock-in features. Upgrades don't require Windows which is an improvement to my older Razer Blade, but it's not just a simple *.bin file, but you need to `dd` an ISO which mean you need a drive that's okay to overwrite rather than just plopping a file in. The BIOS still constantly beeps with "self-healing" message every boot despite the upgrade.

Thai tech folk: what is your preferred consolefont for your Unix TTY? It seems console fonts are limited to 512 characters, and I use Thai more than I use most Latin diacritical characters.

CC: @veer66 @cwt

How to not build a font stack:

font-family: -apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, "Segoe UI", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif," Apple Color Emoji", "Segoe UI Emoji";

To assume I want Arial over the default font I set in my OS or browser is infuriating.

Food, อาหาร 

Thai-style crab omelette on rice ข้าวน้าปูไข่คน

The Ghost Pepper Chicken at Bonchon in Thailand tastes suspiciously like Nashville Hot Chicken

Sketch inserting a <desc>Created with Sketch.</desc> into SVG is offensive. This block is used for assistive technology and accessibility, not your advertisement.

TIL Asciidoctor supports Unicode bullets, •, for lists. Awesome.

So hopefully soon we can remove flags from the language switcher because it's the wrong symbol and it seems he agrees that playing geopolitics does nothing for this widget.

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I sent feedback to GNU about their website. Richard Stallman of all people replied saying he agreed and asked what he thinks I believe is the best course of action to correct it.

I rarely used the thing anymore, but I got my Instagram account banned. Likely this was for using a third-party client to keep Instagram's data harvesting to a minimum. The biggest bummer was not backing up the photos that I had as there are were like 5 that were special to that platform. To get back into the account, I'd need to start providing ‘real’ user information on myself—including my phone number (for metadata harvesting) & a video selfie (definitely used to create some 3D model of your face for their AI).

The lesson learned is to not trust these platforms, or anyone really. The corporation need you to comply on feeding data to them so they can offer you the ‘free’ service (not as in freedom).

The hurt from losing this account is mostly in that it was one of the last ways to contact some people I had (this is problematic as we can tell). In the past, it was a source of drama and waste of time scrolling. It’s probably a net win tbh—I was just assuming deactivation would be on *my* terms instead.

As usual, Thor: Love & Thunder was… entertaining. No love, no hate. I'm definitely too old to be the target audience, but at least my city now plays movies in English regularly.

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