So Razer is releasing a 'gaming ultrabook'. Spec-wise it looks pretty good as I like a light laptop for code & for a lot of photo editing. Except the fancy 4k display is only 100% sRGB (not Adobe RGB or DCI-P3). Knowing this is probably to cover the 'creative' segment, why sRGB?

How did Apple actually convince people to use their proprietary name 'FaceTime' for a 'video call'?

Retina display.

Anyone have a cheap hosting option recommendation? I'd love to move my blog over to Plume to be federated... and maybe start writing again.

I just woke up in a panic after having a lucid dream about not being able to sleep. 😑

Android 10 will finally support Opus out of the box. I loved the latency of this codec in Mumble. It's damn small for most applications.

Android 10 will allow you to allow apps to access to location data only in the foreground. This would have been nice years ago.

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white point color balance:

R: 100%
G: 99%
B: 92%

Using my ColorMunki and 's LiveDisplay tweak (DCI-P3, colors natural) option. Not all displays are alike but it may work for you too. The over saturation+contrast though will take more guess & check.

Why doesn't Android allow you to use color management software for color accuracy via ICC profiles? Many phones are so overly-saturated and there's no real recourse of action I'd trust more than using a color calibration device.

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To be fair, there is the `navigator.connection` to get some of this info via JS.

I wish we had network speed queries in CSS like `@ media (min-bandwidth: 10mbps) { … }` or `@ media (network-type: 4g) { … }`. My phone can render your high pixel density images, but that assumes I want to use that bandwidth for this. It's a waste of data to detect via JS.

Well, I just got the best phone plan deal to supplement my using up all my other plan with TRUE.
AIS plan: AIS 6mbps for 25 GB @ 300 THB/month ($9.82)
TRUE plan: TRUE 4mbps for 100 GB @ 200 THB/month ($6.54)
Put the two together, and I think we'll be okay.

Everything seems to be in order and almost every app is working except Meet -- which I use for work. I'm not sure about this last one, so I guess it's on the laptop for now.

Finally... I got Havoc OS + microG set up on my phone. That was NOT intuitive and the docs are scattered. That list bit about running an shell command to spoof the FakeStore was the final nail.

Slipping back to Monocle (optics) on the project at work. The API is even better than I remember @ Monocle.Compose + Monocle.Common & feels good, even w/o the infix ops. It's impossible to avoid all nesting if you use ADTs & try to organize anything. Just don't overdo.

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