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eli from is cool as fuck, go buy some filk

i personally recommend which is the earliest surviving Ecklar record and which has my favorite version of The Horsetamer's Daughter ever

Current least favorite brain behavior: dreaming that I have to deal with the consequences of something I did in a previous dream when I knew it was a dream.

In this particular case, former dream-me had really poor OPSEC.

I also feel like a lot of them focus *far* more on convincing people that they have bias than on addressing that bias. I understand why that's the case but I do wish we could evaluate that at the beginning of the meeting

It's not (imo) particularly useful to sit in a room full of more trans people than I've seen since I went to youth group weekly at the Hillcrest Youth Center and talk about how microagressions are bad. we can do better than this, and we should! we know we have bias, we know it's bad, let's work to get rid of it! One slide on Patricia Devine isn't enough!

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i love that we're taking academic anti-bias training into the workplace but i'm pretty sure that i have a trauma response to the phrase "what's said here stays here, what's learned here leaves here"

there's nothing wrong with it as a concept but I see it in a lot of curricula as a community norm for discussion rooms and i just wish we could pick a different way to express that

a lot of these curricula also have issues with what i'd call "classroom control" for lack of a better term - getting people to talk is hard, and there's no built-in mechanism to prevent loud people (either people who talk over others, or who feel the need to speak up) from dominating

so the Eliza/Kern thing at the beginning of Children of Time is fucking horrifying

Anniversary Edition (playing strictly in survival mode) plus like, Apocalypse, ToS, and Immersive Citizens really make Skyrim a whole new game. No fast travel and having to think about where I'll eat, sleep, etc really make it a requirement to care deeply about the environment

tomorrow i'm gonna buy a desktop, Alex drawer units as legs, wall pegboard units, and probably a TV stand

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I'm not sad that I'm not at defcon, but I'm sad that I *can't* be at defcon.

It's definitely a different part of my life, and I'm kind of glad it's over, but also: nowhere else in the world do you get to earn an illuminati slider by cracking retro games while your friend works on his LED backpack at the next table. It's unique.

The worst part of being sick with COVID is that I'm stuck in my room and I *can't even think properly*

she's a 10 but she knows about hexadecimal

she's a 16

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