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@tindall that seems like a bold statement, do you have any evidence to support your position?

internet rationalism is the difference between feeling bad about yourself and seeking support from friends and loved ones, and feeling bad about yourself and using that feeling to produce reams of cognitohazardous material which goes on to make dozens of other people feel awful

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"how many times have you actually implemented a linked list? ... okay, okay, how many times have you actually implemented a linked list *on purpose*?"

internet rationalism and its descendent movements make me genuinely excited for the end of Western civilization

New episode of @fossandcrafts where we interview Dan Gilbert about... what's this?! The TinyNES (An Open Hardware "Tiny Nostalgia Evocation Square")?!?!?!!


Not an emulator! Not an FPGA! An open hardware circuit board using the original chips!!!


it's extremely bullshit that I can be a 2X year old who has had a credit card my whole adult life, has never missed a payment even once, has <30% RCU and very rarely above 50%, and yet still only have "good" credit

not bullshit in that "I'm good, others are bad", but bullshit because, oh my gods, how is anyone less privelaged than me supposed to succeed within this system

the thing I'm realizing about myself is that I'll do almost literally anything at all for someone I love, until they betray that trust, at which point they've pretty much lost it forever

your radical anarchy is not that radical if it depends on women to do the work of running a household for you.

oh no! our open source business models! they're broken!

"haha wow a stress dream about school" you don't have nightmares about shit 20 years later if it didn't permanently impact your psyche, john

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i think it's an indicator of some societal problems that we have dozens of movies a d thousands of Internet videos predicted on the fact that most people have some kind of trauma from middle and high school

@tindall Sometimes there are things that annoy me about KDE. Then I remember "Oh right, this is KDE. There will be an option for that" :P

The discourse on FOSS is getting depressing again. The free rider problem is real, and corporations *should* pay up.

But many counter-responses drift towards intellectual restrictions law maximalism, which as it turns out helps large corporations more than anyone...

I have written two articles about this previously:

Noncommercial Doesn't Compose (and it never will):
What should fit in a FOSS license?:

Anyway it's not a huge deal but I'm proud of myself :)

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i got this chip a few months after the 4690k came out and I spent a TON of time OCing it with a garbage power supply and motherboard.

I was able to snag a Z97-A new-in-box on eBay a while back, and uh. Damn this thing flies.

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