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I really appreciate everyone's enthusiasm but I am only order-of one person! <3

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Apparently there is no way to accrue dozens of message requests than to ask for art commissions on Twitter πŸ˜…

It's meant to depict Comet Hale-Bopp (hence "child of the great comet" in my bio!) low in the sky just at sunset, as it was when i was born.

And yes, if you can figure the date out from that, you deserve to be able to steal my identity.

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Here is the flag in question, if you're curious! My dad was really into vexillology.

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Update: I found someone to do this work for me, thank you all!

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Hey Mastodon and Twitter artist peeps - anyone available for commission to design a tattoo based on a flag?

My dad designed a flag for me when I was really young, and now that he's gone, it feels right to honor him by making it permanent.

oh me? yeah i'm really into HSTS, the Hubble Space TeleScope

I'm sure it's not the fault of the Rust folks - I just don't think LinkedIn did much QA on their answer copy.

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I was pretty excited about the LinkedIn Rust assessment when I heard that some really experienced rustaceans had worked on it, but it's really bad. `drop_value`? `Str` instead of `str`? These are just out-and-out technical errors.

shenanigan complete: we can now use our desktop as a desktop, despite it only being connected to the rest of our gear by ethernet, thanks to xvfb and vino. neat!

Microsoft: Here at Microsoft, we believe in giving the User agency to do what they want with our products. By providing freedom, we believe our users will be more innovative.

Also Microsoft: You can't install this operating system without either giving us complete access to your usage and activity, or giving us a pile of money. We would prefer both.

I want longer games with longer graphics made by longer game developers

" there's a little demon in the germanium crystal and when u zap him he lets the electrons go past"

so for a phototransistor, what, i just bias it right up to the edge of linear and let the photons do the rest?

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