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"Do you think you can make my Google Docs read this Word document correctly?"
"Do you need to share it with anyone in real time?"
"Do you need to integrate it with other Google stuff?"
"Okay, let's try LibreOffice."

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I have for a long time had a rule which is that if you want tech support and don't want to pay me for it, you have to at least _try_ the things I suggest

The intersex symbol. Biology doesn’t give a shit about your socially constructed gender/sex labels. People are people and deserve respect no matter how built. Fountain pens on card. Available in my shop.

this brought to you by Current Bad Happenings in the infosec community, but also the various weird arguments i've been getting into these last few days

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thinking about the Other Path

i think my life would be very different if i'd decided to pursue infosec seriously

the Mandela effect is real but it's not that we switched to a different universe or whatever, it's just like that bit at the end of The Waters of Mars

the Doctor killed the the Berenstein Bears is what i'm saying

it's hilarious to reread AWMT in the context of Bush's tube supply company having evolved into the modern-day Raytheon

even during the war, they made radars for the Navy

I've spent the last few months at least partly working on a huge refactor at work. It's been really frustrating and I've had to learn a huge amount about the system. But now, I'm absolutely flying through tickets, and it's a really satisfying payoff.

this post brought to you by two of my family members who can't come up with anything other than examples of misogyny when i ask them how they know what gender they are

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if you aren't trans, and the only relationship you have to gender is physiological, anatomical, or based on experiences of oppression, there's a pretty good chance you have a hell of a lot in common with some nonbinary folks

I just want to plug @garbados's writing for a sec. she read me her story "The Ratworm" aloud while we were driving yesterday and it was one of the most compelling horror stories I have ever heard.

read it here! cw for various kinds of physical and psychological horror:


1) the device prior to being activated.

2) a fission explosion begins. lots of nuclear particles are generated but do not yet interact with the HYGN

3) the fusion occurs. note the red and yellow PHOT as well as the upper half of the HYGN, which as combusted (into FIRE and SMKE).

4. the characteristic fusion explosion. note the travelling PHOT ahead of the shock front.

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anyway basically TPT models atomic physics poorly but it's still fun

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... before it fuses. which I did! detecting the fusion is easy because a) it increases yield but b) unlike fission it produces PHOT.

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and 2) creating a volume in which the high neutron flux (and high temp/pressure) would interact with the HYGN fast enough to not combust it (with the omnipresent oxygen???) ...

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the two really difficult things were, 1) condensing the DEUT (which is like... some kind of misguided attempt at deuterium oxide/heavy water? idk it's bad but it's a good neutron source

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i have been trying for a while to achieve fusion in The Powder Toy without using anything from the TOOLS menu, and this afternoon I did it!

I got a Vive and a 1080 in like 2018 via Shenanigans but then it sat in a closet for three years so I'm just now experiencing the VR revolution and folks? It's neat

"i want better free and open source software" and "if you use free and open source software you're a shithead who doesn't care about accessibility" are mutually incompatible positions. just fyi.

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