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Deciding what to post on my campaign account this morning

happy and happy !! It's time for new life, new dreams, new hopes and new ambitions.

what about: plaits (rings mode) into rings (linear and inharmonic strings mode) into resonester

what the fuck is happening on fedi on this fine day

Better ux and better design is great! I like tanta and I'm excited! But it's not radioactive as is, it's fine

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I guess this is a hot take but audacity is a thousand times easier for me to understand than audition or any other audio editor I've ever used

it's a "modulation engine" but it does sample and hold, attenuversion, and it's even soooort of a VCA. it's wild.

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mutable instruments stages is the _pinnacle of user interface design_. it's easy as heck to do basic things (6 LFOs, 6 D envelopes, a sequence) and possible to do... basically anything? with chained modules and self-patching.

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mutable instruments stages is one of my favorite modules ever made

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my gods i'm such a fucking adult. I'm going to spend my eip half on rent and half on a fucking coffee table. and i'm _happy_ about it.

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Wow, I think Drew DeVault has grown as a person. Here's hoping that he doesn't prove me wrong.

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Hopefully one of the last requests for money i will have in a while.

Rent is due on the first.

I get paid the amount needed.... After the first. Like sunday afternoon.

Any assistance would be LOVELY.

Hell, i can even pay back after said paycheck. Lmk.


for instance: being locked out of iCloud for missing an Apple Card payment [1], or Google banning your account because they didn't correctly process your RMA [2]



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what's the term for horizontal integration causing issues for consumers due to many facets of your life being tied to the whims of a single company?

"monopoly" doesn't quite capture it.

honestly, I recommend it. really gets you used to the terrain.

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when i was originally working on this, i didn't have the attenuator, and I spent a lot of time walking around outside with my Pinebook Pro checking whether or not I had line of sight to my parents' apartment.

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for one of which i will finally be able to use my chunky rotary-switch-based 70dB RF attenuator for its intended purpose

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