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today I'm thinking about things that happened in 2013 and how those things have been cooking in my head for ages

anyway i'm largely having a really good day today because i stayed mostly offline in the morning

as soon as i logged on i saw people saying ridiculous nonsense online. maybe no more internet today

so fucking annoyed by people who make blog posts that amount to "capitalism and IP law constrains free software and therefore it is not worth considering"

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oh really? pdf editing is bad? and that's definitely the fault of -checks notes- the people who are constrained to use only cleanroom implementations of of PDF handling code, and not the people who force them to do so

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like i get enjoying, it's fine, but writing a whole blog post about using Linux on the desktop and 1/3 of it is " is better than ANY LINUX MAIL CLIENT" like. nah you just didn't try thunderbird because you think it's old

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lmao imagine calling "high quality" compared to modern thunderbird

a wacky manga about a series of characters with similar names experiencing supernatural project management hijinks

call it jjra

(to be clear this is in the context of just having graduated from college. i aim to have more savings than this in the future.)

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i'm actually quite proud of the fact that my savings and my credit line are almost exactly equal. i could max out my credit card... once.

... wait, shit, they're watching my bank account, aren't they.

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i always get a bit scared when my credit card company tells me they've increased my line. "oh great, i can ruin my life even more before you stop me, good."

My priorities are, in order:

- discourages large for-profit companies from using it
- encourages contributions
- enforceable
- somehow doesn't rely on copyright??

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So - what do I relicense everything to? Given that there seems to be a reaction against the GPL (for good reason) at the moment.

Perhaps the best writing advice I ever got was:

"You are permitted one 'nonetheless' per chapter, one 'notwithstanding' per book, and one 'albiet' per lifetime."

update: he got back to me but won't have all the details until later

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even if you believe intelligence is real (and you're wrong), fetishizing it to the exclusion of other valuable qualities gives us shit like the RMS cult of personality

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Tech needs to tackle the inherent ableism of our obsession with "intelligence" tbh

sas engineer give me the Forbidden Concurrent Valves

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yes sir i am emailing you about an undergraduate presentation you gave on a strange data structure you invented in 1976 which i heard about it because of my dad who was your classmate and colleague. no i'm not kidding i promise

anyway happy second night, the seder was very nice, i managed to not talk about quantization the whole time, good night

so (Open(5), Closed(3)) just gets turned into (Closed(3), Open(5)). It's fine and then I don't have to panic

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