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i have decided to instead make an interval a tuple of bounds and define the bounds:

Open (exclusive)
Closed (inclusive)
Unbounded (excluding floating point infinities)
UnboundedClosed (including floating point infinities)

then just swap the bounds if you give them to me backwards

And if the bucketset is made up of only nonoverlapping intervals, I can binary search on them and make bucketization O(log n) on the number of buckets

Huh. Is the unbounded interval written [-∞, ∞] or (-∞, ∞)?

USB, HDMI, and stereo audio, all switched independently with physical switches. And a volume control! Yum yum.

previously things would disconnect at random whenever I bumped my desk, and it was only USB 2 speeds. now it's USB 3 speeds, nice solid Type B connections, and I can feel the state without looking.

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today's victory: switched out my janky no-name electronically-switched USB 3 switch with a Miraview Netmate 312. Nice chunky DPDT radio switch, I love it.

i'm never going to live in a building that's not wired with CAT5E again, this is miserable

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lov too use powerline ethernet to get internet to the _next room_

For complete transparency, I have deleted my conversation with people about DEV Protocol stuff because I don't think it was productive, and they've agreed not to post advertisements on Rust announcements anymore.

I really am still a cryptocurreny idealist, it's just that the current crop of cryptocurrency wonks are all scammers. I haven't met one that isn't since 2014.

Nora! relayed

Not near the top of my writing queue, but still on my mind:
- Cryptocurrencies are inevitable
- There are non-blockchain cryptocurrencies
- "Blockchain" is the "cloud" of merkle trees
- Bitcoin style blockchains have a role, but scoped
- Smart contracts precede blockchains

The title in my head is "Beyond the shouting match: a future for cryptocurrencies for everyone"

Plus then you find all the weird edge cases and unergonomicities much faster. (Is that a word?)

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Like, naming variables in doctests suggestively is one thing, but actually implementing something that has your library as a key component is wonderful.

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On a happier note: I really like trying to anticipate use-cases for things when building out APIs. It's all I can do not to make five or six full example programs for this one tiny library.

happy "the ceo declared the last friday of every month a holiday" day

anyway i'm talking myself into [redacted] so i'm going to go to sleep before i [redacted] lol

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and the FSF and GNU are basically just a distraction. the stallman thing doesn't matter, none of it matters, because we'll never have meaningfully free computing in the hands of the many

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