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How long should a Raspberry Pi 2 take to resize its partition on first boot?? The SD card is only 8 gigs...

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so what're people's thoughts on a good self-hostable fedi server that's not extremely expensive to host on a VPS but whose devs aren't literal scum

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it's extremely upsetting to me that what strikes me as the best ActivityPub implementation for individuals and small organizations without a lot of resources has clearly been coopted by the fash

(opening up the command reference pdf) society has progressed beyond the need for mere datasheets

Hi. I work for a company that makes assessment tech for genetic testing for cancer (though I don't speak for them.)

By far the most frustrating part of the job is generating documents to get tests paid for, not determining who should be tested or is at risk.

Socialize medicine.

angery, commie vibes 

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neo-classical chud: you can't just point at anything approximately fungible and call it a currency!

post-monetary socialist, pointing at a jar of preserves: currency

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white people don't hate racism, they hate being reminded that racism exists.

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@jahway603 arch Linux is not a personality, follow again when your bio says something personal about you

love to Log On for a quick break and see that the only community i actually give a shit about has Detonated

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