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catch me not knowing that people i know know each other 😅

Still proud that this was the first thing I thought to do upon hearing about `impl Trait`

So is putting 3 Piques in my modular overkill, or?

Please, y'all, let's be nice to the Twitter refugees. Don't gatekeep them, they're not gonna ruin the Fediverse. Most of them are nice people that got fucked over by a greedy megacorporation. And if toxic people try to ruin our communities, we can deal with them like any other toxic people - ban them and defederate with their instances. The current Mastodon culture/community isn't going to go away, at most it'll just move to another place on the Fediverse. Let's be optimistic about this.

Y'all, go back and listen to Revolutions Per Minute please. It really hits differently after seven months of 2020

who's ready for me to drop some demos that my friend called "glass breaking-core"

y'all if your software isn't accessible to keyboard users and screen reader users you suck and your software sucks

sorry but i don't make the rules

so anyway I wrote to my congresspeople asking them to abolish dhs and you should do the same

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Yeah the sins of the 1980s have doomed the world but the history of the world between my 2nd and 6th grade is pretty horrifying

Love to live with a degraded RAID array in my primary computer for almost a week 😅

I got a spare just now, though, so barring a disaster in the next few hours, all should be well.

URGENT: homeless Black person needs money for food 

"women and enbies" just say "people eligible to slay the witch-king of angmar"

Hi folks! I'm back, at least a bit, at least for now.

Today, I'm excited because it was my first day of work, and because Rocket will build on stable tomorrow.

This account is going on hiatus. Please contact me at the addresses in my bio.

While I'm unnecessarily criticizing Ruby: wtf is up with ?! Naïvely, since[a, b]) gives {a => b},[[a, b], [c, d]]) would give {[a, b] => [c, d]}, but it doesn't.

Yes, the syntax is nice, but why not have from_elements and from_pairs instead of one confusing constructor?

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