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Microsoft is using Github moderation tools to bully people that are correctly using Github to call attention to their attempt to bully another FOSS project.

@tindall my response to this is that the only response we can safely make is to either deny them outright, and tell their developers to fuck off

or (and possibly doing this anyway) take their "extensions" and integrate them even further, with even more functionality, on the linux desktop

microsoft wants to put a gpu shim in the linux kernel so they can port directx12, but only to work in WSL2, and only with compute or offscreen render?

cool. let's take their code and rework it to use drm as a backend, implement swapchain stuff to get it rendering to display, install their userland gpu driver and, and figure out how to make wine/proton use the real directx12 software stack

@tindall i would not have said this even five years ago, but i currently genuinely believe that if you are not tech-savvy and only have basic computing needs, ubuntu is a dramatically better option than windows

five years ago i would've said that with a lot more asterisks and conditions (consider that i taught my high school bus driver, who is in his 80s and still on dialup as of last year, how to use slackware linux for all his needs)

@tindall had this discussion with my boss the other day, and really it all seems to come down to "windows is already on the laptop they bought"

consumers just don't want to do anything to the thing they bought before beginning using it. they have been sold a magic rectangle and learning anything more about it is an unnecessary chore. it seems that microsoft has made damn sure that as many magic rectangles as possible ship with their trash preinstalled

@tindall microsoft's clear path forward, if they want to be evil, is to do exactly the same thing they have done before - try to entice developers to their platform by integrating all the functionality of these other platforms, that are winning elsewhere, getting developers to be at the very least *content* on a windows machine, and then changing their software slowly to be incompatible by adding functionality that only works in their environment

if they are successful, then suddenly you'll start seeing people wanting to deploy in a WSL2 environment on a windows server because otherwise they have to rewrite functionality

@tindall frankly, it's pretty easy to point out reasons why they haven't won

in the server market right now? linux is indisputably the king, windows shops - that actually use windows as the public facing server software - are rare

in the smartphone market? android and apple have all of the market share. microsoft has nothing there, and can't even get people to use their apps on that platform

embedded world? windows is struggling to maintain relevance now that wince is basically gone, and windows iot core is an extremely insufficient replacement... all of the stuff i work on is either linux native or involves porting an old wince app to linux as that's the only path that will work with the hardware

commercial world? you'd be very surprised the prevalence of opensuse as a commercial point of sales system over windows embedded pos

the segment that microsoft owns is rather limited to consumer and enterprise desktop systems, and one of those markets is losing traction in favor of smartphones

Anyway the main thing to take from this rant is that I have internet in my apartment now

i'm very excited

Makes me want to fucking scream. Capitalism ruined computing just like it ruins everything and I'm so fucking tired of it. But at least people could stop pretending that it isn't happening.

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@tindall and the worst part of it is that the way they are doing it lets them be accused of it and have plausible deniability the whole way, and lets them get their own developers to genuinely believe that is not what is happening

Instead we have ad-ridden garbage _baked into the fucking operating system_, no standardization, an absolute joke of a "package manager" being deployed this week on the most popular platform on the planet.

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@tindall i don't think they believe they have won, yet - and i see the whole "ms <3 linux" thing as the first part of their classic 90s embrace-extend-extinguish scheme

and, right now, *this week*, they are beginning to step into the extend phase

We could have easily configurable desktop experiences that are adaptive, lightweight, and GUI configurable. Imagine the XFCE project with real market penetration and funding!

But we never will because MS won't let them play in their playground.

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Adobe could port the whole CC suite to Linux if they wanted to. They could rewrite the audio plumbing at the same time and sell Adobe Studio OS with all their shit preinstalled and, for the people who run Adobe products, it would probably be awesome!

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Yes, a lot of games don't run on Linux, but we see right at this moment that all it took to change that was a concerted effort by one medium-sized tech monopoly.

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Yes, some hardware (especially graphics hardware) is poorly supported under Linux, not because the kernel is technically incapable of supporting it but because Nvidia are a bunch of dickheads.

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Yes, installing Linux is a pain - as much of a pain as installing Windows. But users don't usually do that, because Microsoft makes deals with everyone under the sun.

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Spoiler alert: yea, it is, but every instance of this is the fault of large tech companies.

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A good thought experiment: is it actually harder to teach someone to use Ubuntu 20.04 than Windows 10 for general computing tasks like web browsing, email, word processing, and light photo editing?

If so - why?

WSL1 is literally just WINE in reverse but I don't see a lot of donations going from MS to the WINE or Proton projects

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