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Forming community around which one of a set of _interoperable_ free software projects you use is a terrible idea.

see vim vs. emacs, etc

day has passed and here's the labors to show for it. Following along towards awesomeness :)

#krita #mastoart #razcore #digitalart #sketch #sketchbook

"Ubisoft CEO: Cloud gaming will replace consoles after the next generation"

lol, the speed of light says hi

network admins everywhere laughing and then crying

Someone trying to sell anarchism to a functional programmer:
Society itself would be stateless!

Hey, for #PrideMonth a great thing to do is read #QueerComics and support the #QueerArtists who make them! So here's a list of my faves!

🔹 Agents of the Realm -
🔹 Goodbye to Halos -
🔹 The Irregular Realm - ( @vanhaase )
🔹 Never Satisfied -
🔹 O Human Star - ( @bluedelliquanti )
🔹 Peritale -
🔹 The Sparrow - ( @micahdraws )

Reminder to run docker image prune. I just did and it freed 30% of my hard disk.

@tindall @david_ross it sort of blew my mind that there is a form of legal entity (coops) that're 100+ years old (ie well established), and solve a lot of the problems of corporations, since they're democratic and non profit driven and are much harder to be bought out.

how do people who don't use even function? i used today and it was just painful with all that weird console thing and lack of tiling

am i addicted to tiles?

We could also potentially offer e-mail, Mattermost or some Gitter-like service, et cetera.

So, I already host my own Git service at

I'm curious as to whether anyone would be interested in getting together and forming a "collective" to rent out some large storage server (e.g. 1TBVPS or similar) to start an and focused community source code hosting site?

By all means, #movingtogitlab-dot-com does not solve the problem GitHub has (centralization), and moving to a privately hosted GitLab re-introduces the problem GitHub mostly solved (separation).

#GitPub is trying to solve this problem by defining a federation protocol for git services:

Upcoming version of Mastodon (2.4.1) will have a delete & redraft function.

I deleted my github account. It didn't have much on it, but I'm cranky about companies consolidating and gobbling each other up into one giant frankenmegacorp.

I want the internet to be a network of villages with weird yurts and converted school buses, not a few highrises each with a zillion sterile apartments. It's a silly metaphor, but you know what I mean.

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