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i love having a huge stack of journals documenting my life

it's one of those things that really is a long-term commitment but pays off super well after a few years

especially since my memory is so bad

Tested the airflow on my H510 non-Flow and it's actually not awful! My GPU stays nice and cool with its fans off, even when running a light benchmark.

re: transphobia, negative, twitter link 

@aescling yeah. I literally do not know how to handle this tbh

transphobia, negative 

@SalvaticuWilliamDonovan yeah, you're absolutely right. it's very scary :/

transphobia, negative 

anyway i have enough of my own shit going on, i literally cannot think about this right now. so i will simply Log Off.

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re: transphobia, negative 

@ariadne yeah i'm beginning to think that it's time to start a "tech queers supporting direct action" fund

transphobia, negative 

cops fr raiding people's bedrooms while they're streaming minecraft because they didn't use the "right" bathroom in school and refused to follow bullshit rules, joking about it, and dragging them off into state custody

shit's so fucking bleak

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transphobia, negative 

seeing examples of the nexus of criminalizing trans existence in schools and deployment of armed police against trans minors and i seriously want to [redacted] some senators right now

Lady Gaga's "ARTPOP" has _so_ much bitcrusher on it, wow

@jens_d I don't agree with you, on an experiential and factual level. It's good to play other games but D&D is also pretty good.

@jens_d are you saying that VtM and CoC are categorically better than D&D in every way? That seems hard to defend.

@jens_d I'm not sure what you mean. Is playing chess not playing, either?

@clayote that's not accurate, no. There is a whole universe of supplements and adventures for 5E.

@spaceportmarketwizard Absolutely! And I think there's a conversation to be had about building myths that aren't about violence - building a less violent culture - but that's a separate conversation.

@ghost_bird Absolutely. To the credit of folks talking about this, I think they recognize that and acknowledge it.

If you want to play D&D, acquire the sourcebooks without giving WotC money [in an entirely legal way], buy supplements and adventures by other, smaller companies, and have fun how you want to have fun.

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Anyway I hate being the person defending D&D because WotC is bad. But, as someone who plays a lot of other games, including games by people who have expressed exactly this opinion - that D&D is about violence in a way that other games are not - I keep coming back to it, not because of marketing but because of community, because of modularity, and because of the, frankly, wide breadth of things it does well.

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@luci I mean, I think it's a reasonable way to describe the game, right? As in, MSFSX is a flight simulator; if you want to run around and shoot things, you should choose a different game. The argument being made is that you should pick a different game if what you're interested in is storytelling.

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