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historical nazis and filk 

@Dolly yeah, it's fucked tbh.
spaceflight is good but all spaceflight companies and programs are bad so, yk, yikes

anyway listen to Leslie Fish, whomst is an anarchist and a wobbly, not this bullshit liberal "operation paperclip was fine actually" apologia

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historical nazis and filk 

number one way to lose any filk cred you have is to sing dr von braun. why the fuck.

"All the little bits of cruelty that should never be" shut up Kathy the man was a fucking SS officer

Auth0 is down.

We use Auth0 for all our user auth.


@ghost_bird oh That's what this is all about. Let the posting wars begin I guess

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look. i get that people like Vim, and Emacs, and even newfangled stuff like VSCode and ed

all I'm saying is that OS/8 EDIT is objectively the best editor

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begpost, death impl. (cancer) 

Hey I just found out one of my moms has inoperable cancer and shes coming up to see axel and I. We'd like to show her a good time with some weed and good cooking and any help would go to spoiling her. My paypal is

like orwell sucks but we're not going to convince the boomers of that, but maybe we can at least make them read his most based work

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new rule: nobody is allowed to talk about 1984 if they haven't read Wigan Pier

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Hi there, I have had
this page deleted for the
following reasons

today has been a really hard day, but I eventually pulled together the spoons to clean and get some reading done and I'm feeling much better 💖

This whole project is turning into a gigantic yakshave. I went from "okay great lets abstract this bucketization stuff" to "hmmm I guess I need to build my own interval tree" to "wow none of these BST implementations are customizable enough! I guess I'll have to build my own one of those too"

@owl yeah I'm not trying to shit on zig I just want to understand how it works - lots of keywords is fine but it's not really what the talks I've seen lead me to expect

@owl Yeah, ? is sugar for `try!()` which is just a regular macro you could totally implement yourself. If the same is true of the Zig sugars for e.g. optionals, if, defer, etc then that makes me a lot happier

it strikes me as more special-cased and less unified than Rust - as if there's lots of magic I couldn't implement myself.

is that true?

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whereas it looks (to my first few peeks at the language) like Zig has, for instance, Option<T> as a builtin, and if(optional) |inner| {} as a builtin, etc.

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okay - maybe i'm just missing this, but it seems to me like Rust, unlike Zig, has a very coherent framework for How Things Work. you have:

- values/builtins
- structs
- enums
- unions
- macros
- traits

and the whole rest of the language is combining those

finally learning how to actually use the tracker correctly

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