@nfd @suetanvil you know, that's a pretty good point. there are other ways to prevent people from corporatizing your code.

If open source means giving Amazon carte blanche to profit from your work and never contribute anything back, open source is worthless.

- Sincerely, an open source developer.

Listen, folks. If you are on qoto.org or any other "free speech" instance, you need to not be. Stop trying to follow me.

@duponin Thank you! @er1n tried to get me into Carpenter Brut at one point and I bounced off hard but I'll try again :)

Almost finished with a standalone dice roller that I'm using to learn gtk-rs. It uses my RollLang interpreter for calculating the results.

Shout-out to @tindall for making an awesome gtk-rs tutorial.


@chmod777 Oh wow, this is very cool! It looks like RollLang is pretty comprehensive - is it released anywhere?

I'll share mine in kind (all available on Bandcamp)

1. KASHIWA Daisuke - weird experimental piano stuff. This is the artist that opened me up to less digestable music. I especially suggest the more bite-sized Program Music II.

2. Aye Nako, especially Silver Haze. A great band with some great lyrics, an absolutely haunting and enchanting sound, and definitely the most "vibe" I've gotten from a punk band in a while.

3. In Love With A Ghost! A great artist and also a wonderful person. Nonbinary chillwave cutecore / lofi hip hop beats.

4. Vixy and Tony! I love the older filk artists but they're hard to recommend as good recordings are difficult to come by. See especially V&T's Emerald Green, The Girl That's Never Been, and Dawson's Christian.

5. Evan Greer - especially Never Surrender, but also she/her/they/them. Something that gave me hope for genuinely hopeful neuroqueer folk/folk punk, and she writes great protest songs too.

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Folks! I'm looking to expand my musical vocabulary before my brain finishes developing because I read (and probably put too much stock in) a couple studies about how we learn to enjoy music!

So, what are your favorite albums/artists who are good exemplars of a given genre?

@tpheine 1. It can export .it and stereo mix. There is also an option to export stems but it is broken right now.

2. File transfer is just done with MTP or by putting the uSD card in you computer, and firmware updated require only putting a file on the sd card.

I suggest checking out Loopop's video on this! I love the hardware so far.

@eclectic The menus are really not bad at all. Each menu has a dedicated button so it's generally just one press to get to a screen, then one to select a parameter.

@eclectic tbh for me it's like Renoise - which I love - but without a lot of the extraneous parts. It's not a DAW in a box but it's close enough to that for me, and because it's not that complex I can easily build muscle memory for working with it, even within a couple days :)

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