apparently the Minneapolis Police Department is doing plane crimes (flying aircraft over the city without their ADS-B transponders on) and I am _so excited_ for the FAA to sue the hell out of them

@Alexmitter @devinprater this is the least productive possible response and you should feel bad about having posted it. Of course nobody can demand work from open source devs but we should be committed to accessibility in localization, documentation, and disability just as much as to anything else. That work needs funding and advocacy, not "ha ha disableds go do it yourself." What a disgrace you are.

homebrew is still bad but in this case it was Nix

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building ruby on mac os is going to turn me into the joker

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Nora! relayed

mutual aid request, escaping from abusive parents :boost_requested: 

So, uh, hi!

Our parents Have Decreed that we Are moving back in with them for the summer...
which, given how bad Christmas was... I really don't think we can handle that. It's rapidly approaching worst-case scenario.

So we're trying to get away.

We may or may not have a place to stay yet, not sure, but it'd be nice to have some money to help us get on our feet when we get there, not starting from zero.

@Steinar yeah I mean it is the point but I can only play weird heavy electrical instruments so it's gonna take some effort lol

by far the worst part of working on the huge Rust codebase at work is the place where it interfaces with the huge Ruby codebase

I guess we'll just have to make our own filk then

@ghost_bird yeah I assumed that was like, a critical perspective, given how much she mangles his poetry. Guess not lol

@njoseph_1 that's extremely cool! I'm kinda sad I passed on the opportunity to join TW before the pandemic now...

Perhaps in the future.

Update: we regret to inform you the anarchist has become a rightist

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@Canageek That's awesome, I'll send you some albums!

But uh, which dude?

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