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until may 2 transistor is free on epic games store, you just gotta register a account. it’s got a cyberpunk noir meets diablo thing going on.

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i am the sort of person that carries a ti calculator around

and actually uses it

Yeah. I wan't depressed, I just needed to build something with my hands.

Even though those hands now have a couple little bits of fiberglass in them, it was worth it.

@LottieVixen thanks! I have yet to try the actual software for the passive radar correlation

Built two antennas for passive radar. About 8dBi and a decent F/B ratio.

They're made of brass zip-tied to some fiberglass rods. Connecting the driven elements was a little annoying but it's working now.

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i've used computers for *checks math* 29 years, have done so professionally for about 27 of those, been a DBA, administered IT for a global company, compiled kernels, written microcontroller embedded software, ran a WISP pretty much by myself, and STILL I'm treated like a noob fool when I ask any question in a Linux "community" BECAUSE LINUX COMMUNITIES ARE FULL OF MAN BABIES

tbh this is a fundamentally a bad idea

it's not really practical to cross programs as genetic material

still fun though

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LGBTQ+ fundraiser, but it costs you nothing Show more

@diodelass Does Authenticator work? Also, is this possible on a non-rooted device?

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The only thing the Notre Dame situation reminds me of is that we can absolutely fix crushing poverty and marginalization if we wanted to.

We just don't because it makes a handful of old white men wealthier.

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i still hold that "sometimes things that are expensive are worse" is one of the greatest and best-delivered lines in cinema history

More fun highlights from Sh!tposiums:

- Finding the biblical definition of an "ass-load" in "The Hot Second"
- Actual regional flags actually made in MS Paint in "Vexillology"
- Greek deity energy alignment charts in "Classical Memes"
- Precise comparisons of CGI reptile heads
- The organizer emitting a deep sigh while pointing at a chart of all the trolls from Homestuck in "WTF the Fuck is Homestuck"

@greg Thanks! "Linux Rig" is a great site in general.

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