@hirojin yep. Very embarrassing. Going to need to find a better way to keep accounts separate, or what's the point of an after dark after all.

Posted something on the wrong account after selecting... The right account.

@zensaiyuki one of the best glitch features is distinguishing like from bookmark

facebook's reactions are rightly maligned as restrictive - why not full-fat emote reactions instead of just likes? this would, among other things, solve the problem of "like = sympathy" vs "like = enjoying your pain"

tumblr's "reblogger-with-commentary owns the post, but with baked in attribution" is cool - a baked in chain of attribution might be interesting, though it would require authentication to avoid faked chains and weird shaming stuff

musing on schemes of interaction in social media

boosters/retweeters getting @'s on their boosts is a start but the boost/like/reply method with "the post" remaining sacred is... not quite there no matter what

@hirojin apparently not

oh well, chen doesn't actually reply on their twitter anyway

i would like to just say that i called it

@fxtec@twitter.com has announced today (the day preorder units were supposed to ship) that they will be unable to ship until October in pursuit of a better out of box experience

i'm personally fine with this, but i would appreciate a bit more transparency regarding what problems there are with the current software

@heroicwisdom well, I wouldn't know, would I. What with it being closed source and all. I won't be running it on my machine again, though, I can tell you that.

@tsturm i have no idea but, all my files are in my home directory now

and when i killed that, Discord launched

this is such trash software

this is, a real pain

i now have to recategorize all these files that are just, dumped in my home directory

uhmmm so i tried to launch discord and instead it just kicked up my fans so i checked top and

discord had started `mv -vn /home/nora/Pictures/ /home/nora/Videos/ /home/nora/Music/ /home/nora//`

what the heck??

today i accomplished several things

- sick
- purchased television at an 80% discount
- nap

@HTHR a lot of people would die probably

i'm sitting in a chair with a wall to my east, for instance

RT @ExtinctionR
This is leadership. @lushcosmetics are shutting down their headquarters, manufacturing, e-commerce & stores in the US, 20 September, & Canada, 27 September, to support the #GlobalWeekForFuture, 20-27 September:



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