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New shoes! It's a miracle they had them in my size, I'm a US women's 13...

@jaycie I've been interested in this for a while if you want to collaborate

This is an ultrasimple risc core based on Ben Eater's design which I'm mostly implementing to learn about pipelining

Working on my CPU design... Got my first instruction microcoded!!

Just one more overdue task! And I cna't do it in the physical location I'm in! Aaaah!

I propose a personal challenge for 2019. Nothing major, but it might give you a little bit of perspective.

In 2019, try your best to avoid as much media as possible that is based on IPs created before, say, your date of birth. (For me, that would include “Star Wars” as well as Marvel and DC films.) Also try to avoid reboots, remakes, and “rebakes” (remakes disguised as reboots).

#FindNewStories and give them a chance. 👍

Almost - almost almost _almost_ - done with all my overdue tasks.

I'll get the hang of this Taskwarrior thing eventually...

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You all make me feel warm inside, and maybe allay my despair for a minute.


For once in my life I managed to get my homework and actual work to an acceptable state with an hour or so left in my evening.

Time to make some progress on figuring out what the fuck I'm doign with my time

Finally ordered a Pinebook 11 inch. I'm hoping to run Android on it so my partner can have a working computer with decent battery life and no Apple bullshit.

@matt No, there will be computers. It's just that the people who make them will lie about it :)

@garbados People write portable pluggable engines and modules and people write portable pluggable content and you just connect it all together

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