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If you are trying to portray pride and BLM as clashing for attention rather than being intersectional and intertwined.


the lesbian mayor of seattle is siccing the cops on protestors, happy pride month

someone on twitter calling for people to stop making horny art of cops and make horny art of USPS workers instead

"we don't lick boots, we lick stamps"

hey, if anyone *not* trans wants to lift up or speak the names to mark the pivotal, foundational legacies of Marsha and Sylvia — their femmeness and their Blackness/Latineness, their gayness, their radicalism, etc. — maybe *don’t* omit how they were trans,


everything coming out of Minneapolis right now should show you that mutual aid is human nature and violent hatred is the result of a cruel and unjust system

@bulkington basically on board w this, except that a lot of folk music from the 60s was explicitly political in both origins and lyrics and became a point of organization as well

"I hope this results in good music like in the 60s"

One, fuck you, this isn't about that.

Two, you are admitting that you never listen to hip hop or else you don't consider music about police violence and harassment to be political.

And lastly, name me 10 really political songs from the 60s. There's this idea that the 60s were full of political rock and roll, but it was really few and far between. The political music of the 60s was Soul, and that was political in its existence and proud blackness, not as often in lyrics.

if you're willing to push through stuff like moby dick or the lord of the rings - especially if you're one of those ppl who loves to trot out the list of long "classics" you've read for clout - you can read BIPOC authors. you have the capacity.

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a cool thing about donating to bail funds btw: that money isn't one-and-done. unless someone actually doesn't report to court, which almost never happens, that money is returned to the bail fund to be used once again. donating $50 to a bail fund *permanently* gives them an additional $50 to use again and again as that money gets returned to them.

the bigger the pool of money a bail fund has, the more people it can help at once, since ofc your $50 cannot be used to post bail for multiple people at one time.

stonewall wasn't just a riot, it was an anti-cop riot led by black people. any queer not fully on board with black people protesting police brutality is betraying everything pride stands for


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the path to exiting doomerism is remembering that every act of revolution is what bends the arc of history towards justice and then doing whichever acts of revolution you can

lost hardline network just now. interesting to see if the cell network stays up, might be gone for a bit

the fact that a 'report people to the police' app released and was then completely crashed within about 3 minutes by K-Pop fans bombarding it in music video clips is proof that revolutionary praxis can be both effective AND hilarious

hey if you're interested in networking and privacy and open source software, Qaul.net just hit a massive milestone - working chat and working VOIP, soon to be working over TCP, UDP, and WiFi Direct - and is entering a month of testing and bug-crushing

this will be followed by a lot of very cool features being developed and we'd love to have you on board. hit me up :)

For example, a lot of cheap Chinese radios - like the Baofeng UV-5R - can tune to 460 MHz. That's where all the Chicago police and EMS radios operate. So you have to be really careful not to tune to 460.125 MHz and talk, or even worse just hold down the PTT!

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In this time of digital communications, using analog radios can be really fun. But please look up your local fire, police, and EMS frequencies, and make double sure not to transmit there! They might lose communications and not be able to coordinate effectively.

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