It's easier to build from a Mac to a Linux server than from Linux to Mac or an iPhone, so cross platform devs have no choice but to have at least one Mac - so they may as well use it.

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It turns out that building an open platform actually is a bad idea because people will use the most closed platform and build for open platforms from it, just because they have to if they want to be cross platform

I just want playing with my computer to feel fun again. I don't want to be exhausted every time I think about writing software. I want it to be something I look forward to.

@tindall I’m more annoyed by the people in the tech press/podcasting space who openly state they are against any attempts to even open up the App Store to competition. It’s basically an, β€œI paid good money to live in this gated community and don’t want poor folks mucking it up!”

this goes for Microsoft as well but I am less annoyed by them because they are not actively antagonistic to people who want to install alternative operating systems. yet.

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like... i dunno, i respect a lot of people who work at apple and like all megacorps they do a lot of positive things by accident

but the whole "we own our devices even after you buy them, fuck you if you want to use them" thing is unconscionable and a net negative for humanity

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@mike is your phone managed under an MDM policy? That might be allowing you access.

"haha yeah I want to use Linux but it's so nice to have access to all this compatible software"

yeah bro imagine not having access to important stuff on a platform

like I dunno, _being allowed to install software at all_

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either have a large market share or refuse to handle edge cases. you have to pick one. otherwise you're actively harming people, knowingly, for profit.

I'm so tired of people pretending Apple devices are a viable option

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imagine being thinking that devices which require a current payment method configured to install software of any kind are in any fucking way acceptable

it gets even better! the recruiter is a woman! c'mon, at least _read_ the drivel you're sending to your potential contacts...

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quick tip: if your recruitment e-mails specifies "paternity leave" when "parental leave" is _right there_, i am not going to apply for your team, because you almost certainly employ only men. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

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