Hi cybre.space followers. I am moving to @noracodes. This account is no longer in use. Love y'all. <3

@gennyble thank you! Cybre is shutting down over the next while; @chr posted about it.

cybre.space and Mastodon/Fedi in general 

@fluffy yeah, that's unfortunate.

cybre.space and Mastodon/Fedi in general 

@fluffy lmfao cohost doesn't support rss??

more seriously it's quite nice to see how many folks are offering a helping hand at the moment

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muttering old poetry 

and now we watch as the sun sets and the rats scurry off the sinking ship

the mastodon instance at cybre.space is retiring 

@chr it's sad to hear, but I understand. thank you so much for all your work running this place over the years.


"thread 'worker' panicked at 'not yet implemented: lol'"

mecha names 

@witchfynder_finder they're all stolen from Leslie Fish songs uwu

mecha names 


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@lislis honestly I'm mostly looking for an overview of the field so this is all great!!! Thank you ❤️

Does anyone have a favorite beginner course for digital art?

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