ai generative art has promise in the field of sigil magic, i think

(sigil of take damage now, according to )

Interesting results from ; "a woman wearing a brown cloak" in English, Russian, Hebrew, and Chinese.

I guess it doesn't understand other languages.


hey LYAH? are you *fucking kidding me*?

sensitive image for bodyshaming

surprising nobody

(It's an interesting paper, )

"Here we develop a novel, extensive sample of public open source project repositories outside of centralized platforms. We characterized these projects along a number of dimensions, and compare to a time-matched sample of corresponding GitHub projects. Our sample projects tend to have more collaborators, are maintained for longer periods, and tend to be more focused on academic and scientific problems."

i love to randomly scan the entire internet for exploitable paths

but i do wish they'd realize this server hosts literally just a single static HTML page

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