From the reddit mod who deleted my post. I ask about why my post was deleted and what I can do to make it not a problem; they reply with, literally, a shrug.

So I go to that server to report the issue and this is the first thing I see

(Image below: When a user asks about low-vision accessibility for Linux and is told it's a "high priority" and they should go to the Discord Testers server, channel.)

Problem is, that channel is locked.

I fucking _cannot_ anymore wow

(Image below: in which I report the bug the user in the linked post was talking about, where Discord causes nausea, and am told that it's not a bug but rather a "feature suggestion")

Bonus pics: the interior of my thelio-r1. It's got 2 Samsung SSDs and 2 rando hard disks until I can get together 4x1TB or 4x2TB of solid state storage for a RAID 5 array. Check the image descriptions for more info.

My current desktop setup: a with a USB 3.1g1 SATA hard drive dock, a USB 3.1g1 hub with card reader, and a USB-C phone cradle.

On the desk is a cheap Element 1080p panel, an AmazonBasics mouse, a Koolertron split keyboard with Cherry MX Brown switches, a Bose soundblock, and a Dingbats notebook.

All in all, it's not an ultra-high-end setup by any means, but it's ergonomic, easy to use, and doesn't actually use as much power as one might think.

Post 2: actually uploading a pic ed.

I made an implosion-type fusion boosted plutonium fission device in Powder Toy!

It is extremely satisfying to make websites prettier. All done with about 15 lines of CSS and one OFL .woff file.

I have Command hooks on which I can hang my go-items: purse, pink triangle bag (from The Neo-Futurists 30 Queer Plays in 60 Straight Minutes), umbrella, and keys.

I also have a desk of about the right height and a single capacious bookshelf.

I love my dorm room. It's taken a long time to get to this point, but, I think in the future most of my living spaces will end up modeled on this place.

The beautiful quilt on my bed is made by my friend Mack; you can get them to make you beautiful things by going to

This is what happens when a professor doesn't grade any materials for a class. Everyone in my Algorithm Analysis class is in the classroom at 8 PM teaching ourselves the material...

My (desk) space is workable now!!!

Image: A desk with a bookshelf to it's right. A T430s is docked, closed, on the bookshelf, connected by many cables to a USB3 hub, HDMI switch, and USB-C phone cradle, which sit beside a monitor with a split keyboard sporting trans colored keycaps, a wire pen holder with pens, USB drives, and a passport, and a mouse.

Flight update: we're now 5 hours delayed. They are trying to a US with snacks.

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