look. i get that people like Vim, and Emacs, and even newfangled stuff like VSCode and ed

all I'm saying is that OS/8 EDIT is objectively the best editor

Here's what the inside of the Polyend Tracker looks like. It runs on an ARM Cortex M4F design from NXP.

USB, HDMI, and stereo audio, all switched independently with physical switches. And a volume control! Yum yum.

Today's learnings:

- Evanston is very pretty at this time of year, in an urban desolation sort of sense (pic related)
- I don't like French roast

me: i'm going to relax today and just chill

also me:

Yesterday, I took delivery of this lovely little box from Polish company Polyend. It samples, it slices and dices, it granulates, it loops and filters and bitcrushes and sequences!

So! I got some floating shelves and, instead of using them as such, I used them to build a little pidgeonhole cable managment system for my modular synthesizer. It's mean, clean, and ready to go.

I'm so excited to make some more music with this thing.


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