Amazing. Thanks. Canonical's Snap nonsense just decided it would be fun to move all my files into my home directory.

I believe this was the Beckman Industrial Circuitmate 9020. An absolutely beautiful instrument, really.

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Family holiday tradition: Two Scrabble boards. Two sets of letters. Ten letters per person. No mercy.

Yes! I'm successfully receiving bytes sent from the LoStik examples using my Rust crate for the RN2903 :)

this is a fascinating area of the spectrum

lora obviously, and so close it clutters up the spectrum, but also two other very interesting looking protocols

This is a working communication right here. About 20 total minutes from getting them from the mail center to working pings.

The antenna on the second one is rotated to attenuate the signal a little. It overwhelms the receiver otherwise.

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woah it actually works, this is awesome

the upper pane is showing the receiver which just prints the packets it gets

the lower pane is showing the transmitter which is listing the commands sent and received from the actual LoRa module

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hey so does uh, does this design actually work as a phase inverter

(ignore the furthest right opamp, it's just a regular amplifier for comparison)

Now, here's the same waveform sampled at progressively lower frequencies: 80, then 40 Hz, and finally 20.

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Let's demonstrate the Nyquist sampling theorem!

Nyquist says that you have to sample at minimum 2x the frequency of the signal you're interested in

Here's a nice smooth sampling of a 20Hz sine wave, sampled at 160Hz

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