"wow I feel really good today!"

(this is the lowest it's been in ages)

Here is the flag in question, if you're curious! My dad was really into vexillology.

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Well, this is pretty fun! 1T313A germanium transistors, manufactured in the Soviet Union in, looks like, 1986.

Oookay. _This_ API I am happy with.

No implementation yet, but it does typecheck!

This is the least effective possible way to get me to sign up for your wack ass Linkedin competitor.

This is Polywork, by the way.

i have absolutely no excuse not to write music at this point. please kick my ass if there's not another EP out in like six weeks i s2g

Norns Shield: encased.

Aluminum from SendCutSend, acrylic from Ponoko. First two are a bit blemished because the technique took a bit to figure out.

Current project: this remote temple, placed at the intersection of four major ley-lines in my D&D world.

Created with probabletrain.itch.io/dungeon-, more info to follow :)

hmm i feel like i should exercise my options from this grant just for the aesthetic

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