Here it is, by the way, in both audio and waterfall views

two nice neat peaks 2 KHz apart plus a buncha garbage from the HackRF One being trash at filtering

selfie, eye contact Show more

Regolith is a good desktop environment so far

It's nice to be back on i3, and kind of amazing how much my muscle memory is still there (which doesn't help since it was all custom)

considering better ways to do position and velocity for these ships

doesn't look like a lot of progress but i'm very close to actually accepting orders for these ships to move around and stuff

Yay, OAKTROUGH is finished to my satisfaction! It provides a really simple and responsive Hugo theme and corresponding CSS that is easy to read and navigate on desktop (with or without vision), mobile, and even in print.

If you have any suggestions, whether re: or just general or ideas, let me know!

Get the theme from

See it in action at


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