Bastl Bitranger. My first ever hardware synth.

This thing is cool as heck.

As you can see here: at low frequencies (left), fall time is a tiny fraction of the total period, but since it's constant, it's almost a third in the high range of frequencies.

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And, by the way, this is why you don't use a LM358 for audio work. Yellow is output, green is the output of the LM358 acting as a noninverting amplifier. Look at that negative spike! What the hell!

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Aaaand here's the signal with a 10uF filter capacitor placed right across the power rails next to the 555 chip. Gorgeous.

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So. Here's the signal from my 555 triangle VCO with no power filtering. Yellow is output, blue is at the collector of the transistor, and purple is at 555 discharge (pin 7).

Look at all that high frequency crap!

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"oh cool there's integrated monolithic voltage controlled resistors, that'll really make things easi-"

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