Why the hell does Motherboard require JavaScript to...

...oh. Right. Because it's a fucking React app.

It's silliness like this that makes me want to just do the whole darn thing in Rust with platform bindings rather than play nice with an intermediate C library

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Things I use for and other games.

1. The actual system rulebooks; for D&D, the free System Reference Document will do.
2. Spiral bound Decomposition Books. They are beautiful, filled with high quality ruled paper of the right size, and inexpensive enough to purchase anew for each campaign (unlike e.g. Moleskines).
3. Papermate InkJoy Gel 0.5mm pens in various colors.
4. Pencils. I prefer mechanical.
5. Dice - at least one set.
6. Table Fables random tables books.

I love my class, even though I'll most likely never take another one.

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Working on a quick GTK+3 (Vala) notes app a lรก the Mac OS notes app.

GTK+ is really _great_. Like, really, really great, except that the documentation is fucking nonexistant.

But, when you do things by the standard, they seem to work pretty well!

New shoes! It's a miracle they had them in my size, I'm a US women's 13...

Working on my CPU design... Got my first instruction microcoded!!

Ha fucking ha, 20 days to go in my billing cycle and MY CARRIER'S PROPRIETARY APP uses up all my data

So, I had some old Dell Venue tablets that we're going spare, and my roommates and I wanted to play music in our living room.

Obviously, the right solution is to stick the tablet to the wall with Command strips!

Remember when I used to write pointless programs for fun

I should go back to doing that

Yay, I got GPG signing to work for my Git commits, and GitHub now marks them as verified :)

I re-did my college room.

Das Keyboard 3 and a HP 22cwa are the focal point, plus a Fifine 669b mic and a Logitech ExPro3D joystick to round out the mix.

On the desk is a massively upgraded Optiplex 390 for games, and beside it is my Thinkpad T430s on its dock.

I think all of this, including stand, input switch, and external HDD, comes to about a grand. Perfect for gaming, coding, and college work.

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