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Just a reminder that Firefox Quantum, the new and immensely fast version of Firefox comes out tomorrow. It drops the performance compromises of old versions of Firefox, but doesn't take the liberties with your privacy that Chrome does.

If you used to use Firefox and switched to Chrome, or if you never used Firefox at all, now is the time to check it out.

Noted Radical, Tindall @tindall

Also, people might be interested in my post on how to lock down the new Firefox:

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@tindall @lewislepton @penelope @raucao thank you for lighting the way, wasn't sure I could make the switch too soon since I hadn't assessed the addon situation. HTTPS-Everywhere, Privacy Badger, Decentraleyes, and Self-Dest cookies are pretty much non-negotiables these days.

@tindall the one thing that chrome has been good for, is game development.
firefox always had trouble.
but ill still give it a try, just so i can test things out.
id like to use something else for a change 😁

@lewislepton Interesting! I'd never heard that. I personally really like the Firefox developer tools; they might have improved since you last checked.

@tindall more than likely it will be improved 😁
looking forward to checking it out when its released 😁

@tindall @raucao @penelope @lewislepton Can you tell me a bit more on your thoughts about ad-nauseum? I was using it and had a crisis in the vault with many large corporate ads getting click throughs but none of the possibly smaller advertisers.

I know I used it to not only foil advertising in general but also to try and support the small bloggers that felt they needed ad support.

Maybe I just need to look at the papers again. I am tracking the project on github.