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(because the last one was private)

Are you interested in protecting your and/or fucking with advertisers, and use or ?

Check out my extension RandomUA, which randomizes your User-Agent header for each request in a way that preserves compatibility but really mucks up tracking.

Learn more at leotindall.com/randomua/

Please boost and send me comments on what features you'd like to see!

@tindall Hey, good work! The thing I would recommend is writing a good non-technical description of what the extension does so more people understand what it is and why it is useful. Also, upload some nice screenshots, that gives people confidence that they are not installing something harmful. Finally, there is a console.log in the .js file. Should that be there? I installed the extension on Chrome and it seems like it does not log anything.

Ληο (Leo λ) @tindall

@damaru Re: the console.log statement, it logs to the browser console, not the general dev console; it's useful if people want to see what they're masquerading as.

Re: screenshots, that's a good idea; those are in the works for 0.2 which should be coming out in about twenty minutes. Thanks for the suggestions!

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