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(because the last one was private)

Are you interested in protecting your and/or fucking with advertisers, and use or ?

Check out my extension RandomUA, which randomizes your User-Agent header for each request in a way that preserves compatibility but really mucks up tracking.

Learn more at

Please boost and send me comments on what features you'd like to see!

@tindall often with these randomizers, the biggest fear I have is the sites where i purchase stuff from or pay my bills in are not able to track if am the same entity being sent to the payment gateway. am not sure if ua is part of their consideration but it's been a really bad experience.

@dpreacher they should use cookies for that, which are actually reliable

@tindall guess randomua can be given a try. Or hopefully some white listing can be incorporated, perhaps? I use uMatrix to block most things. #Firefox

@dpreacher yes, whitelisting is definitely in the works :)

@tindall usually buying stuff can be retried. But stuff like booking a seat going somewhere and there are limited seats and absolute rush to get preferred seat, there are no second chances if the browser can't send through the data to the pg reliably. So it's not a very happy thing nor is it ever taken lightly.

Noted Radical, Tindall @tindall

@dpreacher right, which is why they use cookies in that situation. I've never seen a site that relied on passive fingerprinting for something that important