(because the last one was private)

Are you interested in protecting your and/or fucking with advertisers, and use or ?

Check out my extension RandomUA, which randomizes your User-Agent header for each request in a way that preserves compatibility but really mucks up tracking.

Learn more at

Please boost and send me comments on what features you'd like to see!

@tindall this is cool! unfortunately I can't use it in firefox because it trips up gmail, which says my browser is unsupported. I can use the basic html view fine but... it's just too unplesant to look at.

@mno Because it's random, that will happen sometimes. You should be able to just refresh the page and it will work. I'll try to address it in a future update.

@tindall well, since refreshing it and hoping for a nice value to pop-up is annoying, is there any way for me to manually change my UA settings? if I turn off the extension my browser doesn't update it automatically to what it was before

@mno Not at the moment. I think I know a way to fix your issue, though; I'll push an update momentarily.

@mno You're welcome!

It's in the queue to be approved. Hopefully this should fix your issue for now; I'm working on an options panel that will allow you to disable the extension for certain websites.

@tindall update just came in for me and it's working! thanks again for the quick fix!!

@tindall @mno would the ability to whitelist sites be a relevant fix?

a whitelist would make this potentially havoc-wreaking add-on more palatable to me because i be assured it wouldn't break sites that actually matter (banking, email, etc.)

@alyx @tindall they already mentioned to me further down the thread that they're working on that next!

@confusedcharlot Yep, at least in Firefox Nightly. I haven't tested it on stable.


Love the idea, can't wait to try when I'm in my "try new stuff" space.

@tindall Hey, good work! The thing I would recommend is writing a good non-technical description of what the extension does so more people understand what it is and why it is useful. Also, upload some nice screenshots, that gives people confidence that they are not installing something harmful. Finally, there is a console.log in the .js file. Should that be there? I installed the extension on Chrome and it seems like it does not log anything.

@damaru Re: the console.log statement, it logs to the browser console, not the general dev console; it's useful if people want to see what they're masquerading as.

Re: screenshots, that's a good idea; those are in the works for 0.2 which should be coming out in about twenty minutes. Thanks for the suggestions!

@tindall Is UA really all that big a part of the fingerprint? I thought it didn't account for much entropy.

@varx It doesn't account for that much, but changing it does change your fingerprint value, and when combined with other techniques is pretty effective.

@tindall I guess if they rely on it as a stable part of the fingerprint, that could help.

@tindall For _every_ request?
I think a one website/session would be way better, otherwise with the help of cookies and stuff you would actually be seen as someone that is often changing their user-agent.
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