okay then - i wonder where i should go.

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@tindall I don't fully remember how our invite system works anymore or any new criteria since last fall, but @somnius and @neauoire would know / have that power!

@tindall @klardotsh we'd love to have you Nora :) Wanna look over the instance rules to make sure you agree with them, and I'll send you an invite code :)


@tindall What's happening to cybre? You can have a presence on my instance here if you'd like, but I suspect you can find somewhere more stable if that's what you're looking for. I give everyone a warning of "I'll try my best to keep great uptime and I guarantee you that you'll be able to migrate in amble's dying days, but there are likely more stable places".

We just had a short bit of downtime today actually. All fixed now though :D

@gennyble thank you! Cybre is shutting down over the next while; @chr posted about it.

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