i can't believe WotC decided to Windows 10 fucking *Dungeons and Dragons*

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@tindall@cybre.space What the hell does it mean to Windows 10 something? I'm a GNU/Linux user.

@SuperDicq Me too. It means, to turn it into a rolling release OS that promises infinite backwards compatibility and frequent, useful updates, and then deliver on none of that.

@SuperDicq D&D has, for its entire history, used a core-and-supplement model. A set of core rules was released, followed by additional, optional, and supposedly intercompatible content packs. These core rules were, for the last several editions, made up of a Player's Handbook (for players) and a DM's Guide and Monster Manual for DMs, which, together, defined an "edition" or major version. Other content, such as new player classes, new monsters, new loot, and even new combat rules were always optional and intercompatible within the edition. To analogize with software, the edition defined the ABI, and all the expansions were libraries or applications software.

@tindall@cybre.space That is indeed the D&D I am familiar with. Did this change?

@SuperDicq Yes. "One D&D", which WotC calls "much, much more" than a new edition, is in playtest as of today.

@tindall@cybre.space Oh, hmm. Well I guess if the release model sucks we'll just play 5th edition forever then.

@SuperDicq Yeah. My solution has been to just abandon WotC all together

@tindall@cybre.space It seems like they are also trying to integrate more digital stuff into it, I don't like that. The whole point of playing D&D to me is being unplugged.

@SuperDicq So far as I can tell, it's an entirely supplemental and optional component of the game. They're not going to degrade the tabletop game on that account.

The version stuff is going to be a disaster, though.

@SuperDicq @tindall yes, many people play old editions (or houserules / independently published rules inspired by old rules). No corporation has controlled D&D since the Open Game License, they have exactly as much authority as people give them.

@packbat The new edition is in playtest now; it's called One D&D, has a rolling release model, and promises perpetual backwards compat

@tindall ...????


D&D isn't a software? what the hell does "backwards compatibility" even mean?

@packbat Well, people have put a lot of money into 5E supplements, and they don't want to have to buy all new books for a "6th edition" that's not compatible with their 5E stuff. So, WotC will, apparently, try to evolve the rules without breaking any content. (This is, to me, clearly impossible.)

@tindall *rubs temples*

...I guess we should be glad that it's not our problem, since we don't play D&D any more

- 🎒💧

@packbat Yep, I'm pretty happy to be entirely entrenched in LANCER at the moment

@tindall ...oh, hey, the same designer behind LANCER is the one behind ICON! massif-press.itch.io/icon We were just thinking that that'd be on the short list of options for "let's not play D&D for our epic fantasy games".

but yeah, like, wow, WotC, that's sure a choice, we'll just be over here

- 🎒

@tindall yeah!

definitely a big scale thing - the 1.4 playtest PDF is like four hundred and twenty pages

but like, sidesteps a lot of the issues with D&D while still having an element of the whole "book full of lore to get inspired by" thing that I think helps newbies play D&D

we've never tried it tho

- 🎒 ( 🐱 ?)

@dialupdoll it means they're supposedly doing away with version numbers. the new edition is called One D&D

@tindall I wonder if their ‘official’ VTT is going to be helpful at all or just a webapp disaster.

@oaktal I suggest reading the press release; it's based on Unreal Engine.

@tindall Good idea, thanks! That sounds like something that could end up being good. 🤞


That's a funny (and not inapproprate) analogy. I just hope they manage to do what they claim to want to do and make any changes backwards-compatible. 5e is way too successful to screw it up.

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