ana mardoll, talking about the larger situation 

i want to make it entirely and completely clear that doxing someone because you don't like their takes on twitter, which appears to be what happened in this case, is bad

similarly, it's important to look at the provenance of information and, as a default, hold a great deal of solidarity with people who are being harassed by noted transphobic proxy murder site KF

in addition, people are using this scenario to, quite simply, be transphobic and specifically anti-transmasculine. it's disgusting and horrible and they need to stop.

however. there are a few things that will make me break solidarity with someone and one of those is working for a fucking defense contractor beyond the point at which one could choose not to do so without catastrophe.

ana mardoll, talking about the larger situation 

not working for a company that contracts with a defense contractor, not working on infrastructure used by a defense contractor, not selling things to a defense contractor - those are all the unfortunate costs of doing business in our bloodsoaked high tech economy.

but if you work _directly for_ a defense contractor for fifteen years, *you can get another job*, and it is extremely distressing to me that people think being disabled or being queer absolves you of the responsibility to not work with and for people who actively push for more and bloodier warfare.

so many of these people are white tech transfems who work at Google, Amazon, Microsoft, or directly in government. and, yes, I understand that more than working for Lockheed, but - your queerness, your disability, do not absolve you from complicity in murder, in oppression, in violence.

we have to do better. we ARE responsible for the things we do, even - perhaps especially - at work.

ana mardoll, talking about the larger situation 

and, to be clear, i don't give a shit where ana works. i definitely don't think he should be harassed or that people shouldn't read his books. i think he should quit if he wants to live up to the ideals he's expressed, but that's his own damn business. he's the one who has to live with himself.

what i care about is people using this situation to absolve themselves of responsibility for their complicity in oppression. i guarantee, thanks to the response to this, we'll be seeing Googlers making $450k building facial recognition oppression machines saying shit like "well i'm queer and disabled too, you can't criticize me for doing what i have to in order to survive!"

it's bullshit and we shouldn't accept it.


ana mardoll, talking about the larger situation 

this isn't an empty "virtue signal" for me. i'm a space nut, i'm a filker, i love astronomy. my idols as a child were all astronauts and engineers. one of my best friends as a teenager works at JPL now and I almost went to MIT to follow the same path.

but I *didn't*, because it's *evil*. all aerospace is complicit in building tools of mass death and I gave up that dream because I was able to see that truth. so many other people I know have done the same.

quit the fucking defense industry job the minute it won't actually cast you into destitution. don't work for the military, don't work for the cops. we need to have a line in the sand, and this is a pretty fucking clear one.

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also, just to be absolutely crystal fucking clear, this is not me telling you it's okay to harass people. the point is not that "we" should punish people who don't conform to "our" moral standards.

this is for you to think about. if you work in tech, if you're an engineer or a project manager, take some fucking responsibility for your actions. that's all.

ana mardoll, talking about the larger situation 

@tindall Thanks for this. I'm not on twitter anymore, so completely missed the context/background.

And yeah, this. All this.

@tindall thank you, I feel like nobody cares (online, at least) that we have choices and the choices have consequences

@scanlime @tindall

In the 1980s the AWRE (Atomic Weapons Research Establishment) near my old hometown used to "pinkwash" their jobs as more LGBT+ friendly (or at least turning a blind eye to openly gay workers, in an era when it wasn't as accepted as it might be today); they also generally looked after their staff and paid them well (occasionally radiation leaks and industrial accidents notwithstanding). But their entire remit is to build weapons that can blow the world to ash..

@tindall we've been remembering lately the time that our advisor in mechanical engineering school tried to explain to us why doing research for the US military was fine, actually

I'm not gonna say I'm glad we dropped out of grad school, but I'm glad we never went that route

- 🎒

@packbat yikes. I'm sorry that was the choice you had to make!!

@tindall oh! sorry, we dropped out of grad school due to anxiety and depression

our principles were strong enough that we didn't want to work directly for the war machine, but no, we just burned out - we can't take any credit for that choice

but it's still, like ... a thing that bubbled up in our head

academia is awful, tbh

- 🎒

@packbat oh. still, oof to that! ♥️

and, yeah, as a facbrat I wholeheartedly agree, academia is the woooorst

@tindall I'm not saying gender dysphoria /didn't/ contribute to our dropping out of school, but I am absolutely saying that the exploitative and callous nature of the modern university system /did/.

- 🎒 💢

ana mardoll, talking about the larger situation 

@tindall What's your take on working in the defense industry now that there's very real need to help people defend themselves from invaders?

ana mardoll, talking about the larger situation 

@dmbaturin The problem is that LM and the MIC in America are _responsible_ for that. The world is destabilized right now, not entirely but in large part, because the MIC fund hawk politicians who destabilize the world.

Believing that American weapons should be used to defend Ukraine isn't the same as believing that you, personally, should help Lockheed meet their quarterly earnings goals.

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