I am pleased to inform you that in one week from today I will have my dream Eurorack system almost completely assembled

It's a "Mostly Mutable" system, which I've been trying to put together since forever ago. Now that Emilie is getting out of the game, I've decided it's now or never, so I've sourced 208hp (in two rows) of Mutable and XAOC gear.

It'll be sequenced by Marbles and Frames, modulated by Peaks, Tides, and Batumi (with Poti), voiced by Plaits, Braids, and Rings, and effected by Beads, Clouds*, and Kamieniec, with Maths, O/A/x2, and Out v3 assisting with various functions.

This is a big milestone for me, because I sold off _all_ my Mutable modules and most of my modular gear when my father died last year. I lost my ability to create and blamed it on my gear when, well, there's a much more obvious reason.

But I'm back, baby!

@tindall ooookay. it sounds just like when pro gamers talk: you understand something, but one is not quite sure, what it means xD


@ginsterbusch Heh. Yeah, it's a bit of a rabbit hole.

On a basic level, here's the gist: there's a brilliant woman named Emilie Gillet who makes gorgeous aluminum-panel instrument modules for the Eurorack electronic musical instrument standard. I love her work, and she's leaving the industry, so I want to build my dream system, using mostly her instruments, before they're impossible to get.

From her, I'm getting composition tools, sound sources, effects modules, and some utility tools; I'm combining that with some very powerful and unique instrument modules from other manufacturers to make a single, workable system in a box about half a meter wide and a third of a meter tall.

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