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It's fucked up that landlords can just,,,,, let people into your apartment, while your lease is still active yeah I know right. here they have to give 24hrs notice but since they kept just giving us no estimate other than "on X day" we started giving them 1 hour windows to show or we'd deny entry.

@tindall in NY they're legally required to give 24h notice for any time they enter the apartment, unless there's an actual emergency

which IMHO is way too little even, since for non-serious stuff, they should require a week or two notice

@tindall I agree. One point to keep in mind in the USA is that it varies state to state. I believe some states require at least 24 hours notification, and possibly other rules around that too.

I bring it up just in case somebody else may benefit from it. Worth checking for your state.

@tindall This happened to me when I'd moved most of my stuff from Pennsylvania to Illinois back in 2019. WHen I went back to get the rest I found some of it was gone, and the one computer I'd left behind was in the oven of all places.

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